HI GUYS once again the BOMBERMAN is up, im here to present what i think it would make a nice rebalancing in the game, you are all free to comment and give your ideas to correct me i will respond to everyone cause im curious to see and try to understand the statement of some players and compare it with mines.

once again have fun and dont forget thats just a idea, i just hope that could bring some others better ideas to the @developers @TheKeits @rukizzel @TempusChaoti

HERE I GO enjoy

Patch 3.8 exemple idea


Endokuken raw: Light, Medium, Heavy damage reduced by -30%

Endokuken charge: longer time charging increase by +25% ( this move is still really good) and the opponent should have enough time to react, damage on it don’t change.

Overall perfect not more changes.


no changes he’s perfect like that


liquidize : time increased by +20% (It should be able to pass below the opponent without been close body)

shatter: was +26 on startup and now its +30 on startup ( the opponent has still enough time to react because of the lightning)

hails: time summoned decreased by 15% ( like kanra glacius should be able to summon quickly as possible one hail)

overall not changes.


Shadow call of the sky: damages reduced by -25% ( this move is still good and he can follow up with mixups and juggles)

sammamish damages reduced by 10% he can still juggles after this

Overall no changes

Shadow jago

Shendokuken damage reduced by -25% and deal -80% cheap damage on block ( this move is a powerfull zoning tool and he can also summon 2)

Overall no changes


This is ours miss juggles

KV meter on juggles extend by +20% trying help her to deal more hits on juggles.

In instinct the web damage increased by +20%( this tool has been too much nerfed when s3 begins)

Shadow web cling allow her now to choose the direction where she want to go ( could also been used as wakup move)

Instinct cancel manuals deal (+10% PD increased)

Salticidae on hit deal +15% PD

Web cling ( ender damager in now a hard knock down )

Recluse ender can now juggles after this ender and work now as ender damager when followed up with juggles ( still breakable)

Overall no changes

Orchid, spinal fulgore

No changes

TJ combo

Auto barrage damages decreased by -15%

Powerline has no more armor ( still it act like a wind kick or a cold shoulder)

Overall no changes


Temperance strike can now been projected after a missed DP ( she should spend a pip meter before it work, without pip nothing happens)

Shadow leap kick allow her now to throw daggers ( she must also spend a pip meter )

Overall no changes


Kan ra can now reach ender 4 after 2 auto double heavy ( cause I think he should be able to reach it like all the cast, its still breakable)

Opener linker auto double linker auto double = ender 4 like every characters


Flame mortar damage reduced by 50% ( this is a presure and defense move that shouldn’t be able to deal so much damage

Overall not changes


Overall not changes


Shadow possession damage reduced by -26% ( actualy it deal 19% raw it wil be now like 14 or 13%)

Parry on shadow counter ( definitely removed, cause a shadow counter is a way to punish and from there that move should not be able to be counter by a parry)

Vengeance (low, high) this opener from a parry deal not more damage cause that move allow her to get a free openner, that move is still extremely strong


Pyrobomb, hitbox reduced like it was back in begin s3

Inferno PD on block reduced by 50 % ( the opponent block and that should not deal that much)
With the Pd change in s3 cinder is extremelly powerfull.

Aria, kilgore

Overall not changes

Kim wu

Shadow dragon kick damages reduced by -25 %

Overall not changes


AA damage reduced by -25%

Ender conqueror and shadow conqueror damage reduce by -20%

Overall not changes


He should get a REAL AA

Overall not changes


Shadow boot ender damage reduced by 20%


Mira spend two time less lifebar and deal 35 or 40% less damages


Gargos has the shadow lord recapture now ( since he deal less damage and has way too much nerfed)
It should allow him to some spectacular juggles.


After dominance raam can now use a LIGHt ,Medium OR heavy deadly stomp
Light for flipout heavy and medium for combo

Kryll rush can now be cancelled with a jump instead of staying on the ground and been punished ( spend 50% of a shadow meter) this should help raam in manny matchup where he was trapped after he did kryll rush


Overalll not changes

Shin hisako

**Some little bugs correction **
Otherwhise she’s just a perfection in everything 10/10

so guys i hope you enjowed it i gotta go now! see you next time

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So you want most of the cast to do less damage and buff Sadira’s damage so they can be equal? Do you understand the concept of balance?


Dito for like… 90% of the changes I read. At least. =S

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Does Jago really need more nerfs after the last 3 updates?


Fulgore can’t reach level 4 ender after only 2 auto doubles either. Kan also has high shadow cash out. No thanks.

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If anyone thinks this post is “okay” then you need to GIT GUD.


He just lost a good chunk of fireball damage. He doesn’t need it nerfed more. You can react to the charge fireball easily. It comes down to to the Jago canceling it to bait out your projectile invul moves.


Liquidize is already strong. Go watch Sickle or Waterhorses play him to see that they already do dirty liquidize mix ups below the opponent. This does not need to be changed ESPECIALLY when he can move this super fast in instinct.

Shatter is fine. If you ever played against a Glacius offline then you should know that reacting to this is very easy.

Hail is fine. He normally is able to spawn 2 off of an ender and force you to play his game. He doesn’t need to the ability to spawn 3.


Yeah, he needs some changes. Mainly, his options with DP & command grab damage

Shadow Jago

You know that his fireball does little to no damage on hit and on block, right? Oh, it’s also -10 on block and if he surges it up close and you’re crouching then the 2nd one wiffs completely(unless you’re a tall character). Just b/c you can’t handle zoning doesn’t mean the weakest character in the game needs another wack with the nerf bat.


She can already do enough juggles, it’s more about the damage she doesn’t put out. If you remember old Sadira, her webs hit like heavy punches and it was absurd.

This character obviously needs some changes, but I guess you think he’s fine so w/e

TJ combo

If you can’t break auto barrage then RIP. It doesn’t need damage decrease.

Powerline needs the armor to get in. If you think he is going to powerline then use a heavy move, but hey he can bait you free with the fake outs.


Hell no. She doesn’t deserve to get free pressure after wiffing a DP. That’s why they got rid of it.

Again, hell no. She used to be able to throw daggers after the shadow and it was unnecessary.

If anything, they should reconsider he design as a character who gets rewarded for throwing daggers at a blocking opponent. Lose lose situation. I block, she gets pips for an unbreakable later…I get hit? she gets a free combo


Her shadow possession ender is fine. If she is cashing out for that much damage then she is rewarded for putting you in the mixups or you locking out/getting counter broke

Okay, this one is mad stupid. You know WHY she can parry a shadow counter? BECAUSE SHE HAS WRATH METER. Watch her wrath meter. Below half? you can shadow counter her. At half or above? she can cancel any move into parry.

Damage on parry is fine. She took a risk and is benefited from it.


Fun fact: Pyrobomb hitbox has been the same since his release. Get this scrub knowledge outta here.

Inferno PD is fine. It’s minus on block & I still have to take too much time to open you up.

Kim Wu

Eh, she’s strong and can spit out damage with that ender(quite terrifying tbh). Is it justifiable to rid of her damage? idk. Maybe make her a bit less positive on her strong pressure tools instead, but that could possibly ruin her as a neutral heavy character.


really? AA damage reduce? Uhm…hey…have you seen the damage Jago does when he counter hits you off an AA? MAD DAMAGE. Tusk’s is fine. Same for conqueror


Real AA? Okay, how about this. fwd. cr. hk is an anti air, cr. hp is an anti air, cr. hk is an anti air, aanndd self detonate is an anti air. His ground and vortex game is good. He has to struggle somewhere and above his head is where it is at.


Shadow boot ender damage is fine. If anything they need to tone down his frame data a tad bit


GLASS CANNON. End of story.


This is some stuuupid stuff you’re saying. He is a strong pocket character who is not EVEN CLOSE to being “too much nerfed”. HE DOES NOT NEED A RECAP. He already has strong zoning tools and strong mixup/damage


His recent buff is fine. He doesn’t need anything else. Top players see his strengths & he can be a very strong potential candidate for future tournaments


This poor guy needs a damage buff


hella bug fixes

You don’t even know if she is perfection. She’s only been out FOR A WEEK. Wait till ppl find the busted stuff with here to justify her perfection.

God damn why did I procrastinate this much replying to a scrub patch note post.

Also, if you think negatively of what I just said I’ll gladly run a set


I’ll admit I thought of doing a similar post. I even started it. Then I stopped short. It’s too much nonsense (balance-wise), IMO, to be worth a serious post like this =S

I wanna say Shadow Reaping does even more damage, but is justified off Mira’s glass cannon nature, like you pointed out. Thunder’s shadow command grab definitely does more, is throw invulnerable and allows resourceless follow ups. Kim’s? Its damage, a bit of PD, and if there’s no dragons, a neutral reset and scramble to cash out that PD. If something had to be done, id consider it, although as a Kim main id never agree to it.

However, if anyone had or has thoughts to make it non-invincible as well as reduce damage… :head_bandage: :fist:

For me, i think these are my areas of concern.

Maya - she might be able to gather her daggers a little too easily. But she’s so weak without them that its hard to find a balance point in my mind. @EctopicILLusion i’d be fine, for an example possibly, if (and this is extreme) instead of reworking the block and gain pips, that its a little more difficult for her to get them back. Something like broken tumble kick linkers separate daggers from Maya. But even as i type it, it feels like that’d possibly encourage a TON of one-chance play from her. And its extreme.

Thunder - if i recall correctly, his shadow command grab is 5,0. What if it were 5,1, kinda like how Shadow Eclipse got changed way back when. That one change alone seemed to give the limited cast of S1 a fighting chance. Thunder can be about a 1/3 screen away and land it.

Most others things? I think i can live with.

Jago is still very unstoppable in the right hands. Most of the better jago players I’ve played against rarely use wind kick to close distance.

No more Jago nerfs
kay thanks I’m out. :slight_smile:

So buff Sadira (the character that you play) and nerf everyone else.Idk if I can take this seriously or not😂


“No, he does not.”

-A potato

All of your ideas are terrible. And not just on this.



We could wait it out for a month or two and see how things pan out before we start nerfing and and or buffing characters. We literally just had a new patch.

Honestly, I think most of us agree that Sadira needs a bit more bite, but honestly that is ALL she needs. I have yet to find a match where I couldn’t find a way to launch somebody into the air.

RASH honestly, I think all he needs “nerfed” is the hitbox for Shadow Big Boot, as right now, you can get juggled when you are BEHIND him. It’s just silly. But that would be it.

Shin Hisako - other than bug fixes, we need to let things play out with her a bit before we decide if she is good or bad. ALTHOUGH, I’m not a fan of her instinct. It does have my vote for one of the worse in KI at the moment, that is until I see tech that proves it otherwise. 20% damage is kind of sad.


Being just 20% damage is not what makes her instinct good or bad.

If I knock you down and set instinct, if you don’t have a reversal I could just meaty you and start mixing high/low right/left mixups. Even if you are willinfng to take the instinct grab, If I time my attacks, I can force you to block (or eat!!) My meaties. If you block them, I could continue mixing you, of you eat it, I’m damaging you. And if I fail, hands will protect me

If you have a meterless reversal, you aren’t saved anyway, since hands beat meterless DPs. That’s right, if you are Jago and goes for DP, hands will get you BEFORE you hit me. No trade, I win, period.

So, as defender, you have two choices: try to avoid hands, or focus into being hit by them.

The latter is not a bad outcome, since they provide Shin a backup plan for her mixups. But if you try, you may be vulnerable to her mixups, since she will actively meaty you.

During the former, Shin will take advantage, hitting you during pre jump frames to land comboa on you.

This instinct strength is not how hard it hits by itself. Its potential to give Shin oppenigns where others can’t (like not respecting a meterless dp) is what makes it powerful

VERY powerful


Honestly I feel as if most of this is kinda stupid. I disagree with all of this, especially Shago’s requested “nerf”. Sure, I get super damn salty over Hisako parrying Shadow Counters (tho half the time I usually look at my own resources over her Wrath Meter, so it sometimes falls on my lack of awareness) from time to time, I honestly believe that Shago needs damage boosts rather than nerfs. And this is speaking from someone who’s played him since his release in Christmas 2015. As stupidly fun as he is and with the absolutely stupid amount of options he has, I don’t feel there’s a ton of payout all the time unless I stack on a boatload of PD/White Life. @EctopicILLusion is right: Shago doesn’t need another Nerf Bat hit. Honestly, buff him. Been like this since 2015.

I mean, when you actually go into a thread that you know is going to be bad, you may actually get a laugh out of it :slight_smile:

Do you ever actually consider that these changes are only because you suck against these characters? Why tf are you nerfing Shago?

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i swear bro, thats not true. i just try to see what peoples would think and i also want all yo ideas like did ectopic illusion :neutral_face:

I really don’t have a problem with the game’s current state. Maybe working with Thunder a bit to make his playstyle a little less…nutty…would be nice. And I still think Gargos’ cr.MP is too strong. But that’s really about it.

I can agree that Sadira is lower on the totem pole most likely, but she pisses me off whenever I fight her so I don’t want to see her buffed if she really doesn’t need it.

Then again, lately patches have been giving me things I didn’t even know I wanted (Glacius frame data) so who knows. That’s why I never speculate, I make a small suggestion here and there and just wait to see what happens.