Patch 2.12 :: Shadow Jago

I’m Sure Everyone Has Heard About Shadow Jago’s Release Next Month. I Really Hope It Was Worth The Wait.

Also, What Changes Do You Guys Think Will Come With Patch 2.12?

Its good to hear he is being released i just hope they will give a limited time offer to get him as i missed out earlier this year and he is my most wanted character

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Well, we already know that 2.12 will have four of the five HUD updates:

-Reversal Display
-Combo Breaker Strengths
-Lockout Timer
-Lockout Strength

Beyond that though? Tough to say. I doubt we’ll see the full UI update in preparation for season 3 until sometime around the game’s release and certainly not on this update.

Of course, Kraig did say that this update would be “tasty.” Not sure if he’s referring to Shago and the HUD updates or if there’s something else. I tend to think that’s everything, though it wouldn’t shock me if we got something else like a few more holiday accessories for characters (which would be cool) but that’d be my only guess.


Lockout timer. This should had been in the game at start.

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I want the season 3 UI update, make everything purple and green. Maybe redo the health bars and all that. Make it look fresh again.


My heart hurts, because I thought we had received the Update early…

False Hype