how do you parry? I do it at random than I get hit :frowning:

press back right b4 you get hit

oh I thought it was forward LOL

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No it’s forward. They changed it. I like it much better then back.

It is forward. It used to be Back in the previous version.

There’s about a 16-ish frame window that opens when you press Forward. As long as you aren’t doing an attack, getting hit, or dashing you will parry. I would practice it versus a Shadow Move or a projectile to get a feel for the timing.

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Oh nice a 16 frame window? Sweet.

So I was just playing Omen with exemplar and as long as I was holding forward I would just parry everything. It even worked when I was holding back and got crossed-up.

wasn’t until I read this thread that I realized that it wasn’t how it’s supposed to be. I never used exemplar in the beta access.

Were you using the Perfect Common version by any chance? That one actually automatically parries.

The perfect common (green) exemplar auto parries? Really? huh…never got that one.

Yes, so that’s intended?

I find this impossible to use. Couldn’t do it when it was back and still can’t do it being forward. I just got a killer version and was hoping it would just auto parry everything, but it doesn’t.

But the common version does? wth?

To help out beginners.

I prefer the forward press and the parry window is about double that of SF 3. Easy to full parry shadow moves, FUN!