Pallet Swap/Clone Characters?

I feel that the 3 new fighters coming to KI in 2017 will all be reused assets with variations to make them more unique. I feel that this is a more practical way to add more fighters to the game now since KI Season 3 is just about done and IG might move on to a KI2 instead of a 4th Season.

The 3 new fighters are Kilgore (A clone of Fulgore) and Most Likely Shadow Orchid and possibly Eagle (With Thunder’s Model and a few borrowed moves).

I suggest that more fighters should be added and it would be easier and faster to add a few clone characters. In Street Fighter Ryu, Ken, Sean, Akuma and Dan all use similar movesets with slight variation. In early MK games the Ninjas were very similar as well. Shadow Jago is just and altered version of Jago and Omen ruses a lot of Shadow Jago moves with some unique moves.

Some characters I would like to see would be SaberLion (Variation of Saberwulf), A Female Ninja (Altered Sadira moveset) and Roxy Rave (Combination of Orchid and Kim Wu moves).

Anybody else up for this idea? It’s most likely the only possible way now to add characters to KI because most focus has most likely been shifter to another project.

I hope that you support this and would share this with the IG crew.

Not sure about that, but I know a certain fan of big cats would like that. I’ve been supporting somehting like that since KI’s reveal at E3 2013.