Own both seasons of Ki xb1 got ki2 with season 2 cant get ki original? how come?

I originally got ki season 1, now purchased season 2 which came with ki2, id like to have ki original…how can I get it? wish ki original came with the rare replay…

Do you have Ultra edition or combo breaker?

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You get KI1 with S1 Ultra Edition. If you have the Ultra pack, it should be available in your games or “Ready to Install.”

Originally got combo pack, now I just got season2 addon…which came with ki2…

Combo breaker does not give you KI1. The Ultra edition does.

I realize that. But even getting ultra provides both ki and ki2…but even now just getting season 2 it comes with ki2…so for those of us who purchased the seasons separately and got ki2…how can we get ki original?

If you buy Season 1 Ultra edition,you get KI1. If you buy Season 2 Ultra edition,you get KI2.

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Looks like your going to have to buy the S1 Ultra edition and take a loss on the Combo breaker purchase.

This proves that you should never just buy Combo Breaker pack or individual characters. Your always going to want the Ultra Edition in the end.

I don’t know why people just don’t buy the Complete edition from the get go. Everyone buy $60 games these days…why not just pay normal price for KI?

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I bought KI Combo breaker for both seasons. Season 3 will be my first Ultra if it is $30. Season 1 Ultra was Free thouh on January for gold. I got both KI classics. Gold from rare replay and 1 from Ultra.

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He may not have to buy the ultra addition outright. I originally bought the Combo Breaker pack, and when I eventually wanted to upgrade I just called XBox Support. We were able to do a jerry-rigged “upgrade” where they gave me a $20 credit on my account, and then I bought the Ultra pack. The credit applied to the purchase, and I got to upgrade for just $20. So try that out TC.

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Everyone is right, you would have to buy the Season 1 Ultra to get KI arcade original. However, I would wait for the moment because there is a (slim) chance that there will be a S3 package that includes the game. It’s not likely but it might happen.