Yes it’s fun with two people. You play the same boards but the score requirements are reduced. In some ways though it’s actually harder.

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So i gotta tell you about this…

I wanted to play this game with my mom, but since this game is more fun with a lot of people, i tried to get my brother to try it out before mom got home, to see if maybe he would be interested in playing it 3-player with us.

My brother is a 40+ year old man, All tattooed up, been to jail countless times, never played a serious game in his life, and intimidates me to death. I expected him to try the game, and then quit after 2 minutes, but instead… We sat and played it for over an hour together, and got to world “3-3”.

This game is nuts. And in a few minutes, when my mom joins in, i have a feeling things are going to get even nuts-er.

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That’s pretty hysterical. As long as you are playing with people who don’t have video game experience - and you remember to not get too hung up on getting three stars, the game is hysterical. By the way, from playing with my father, brother and nephew I can tell you that you can burn down 3/4 of a kitchen and still get at least one star…

The games difficulty is very strange to me.

Maybe everyone just has different experiences, but i think this game gets VERY HARD at times, And at random intervals.

On top of that, the star requirements means that sometimes you have to back-track, which is never fun.

My brother didnt seem to mind, so maybe its just me. How do you feel?

Yeah, I think the difficulty is somewhat uneven. It’s also variable depending on the number of players. Some boards are easiest with two people while others are much easier with four.

It’s a brilliant game but I think they missed out on an opportunity. So many non- gamers will be roped into playing it that I think they might have been better served by having a less steep learning curve.

A recommendation on how many players need to join hands to succeed would be a good idea, IMO.

@BoJima404 Thanks man!! Remembered this thread and bought the game today, had a blast with the wife :sunglasses:

Game is really good. Wish there was DLC or something for it. One of the best couch co-op games in a long time. Got 3 stars on all levels with some friends.

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How many stages does the game have? Just started the fourth chapter I believe…

There are 30 stages across 6 worlds I think.

I think some levels are better designed for 2 (or 4) players, and some are better designed for 3. I got 3 stars on all levels with 3 players and we had to fight through some pretty serious handicaps on some levels (because some levels were divided into two halves and one player was by himself doing a ton of work), but it was still fun. I wish the game was a little harder, actually… it’s the perfect difficulty for a party but if you get strategic gamers together, most levels will fall to 3 stars within one or two tries.

I noticed some of them were pretty hard with just me and my wife, for example the stage with two lower busses and only on on top that switched…

Yeah, maybe some like that (where having 3 or 4 people makes sense). I’m actually thinking about going through the game again with just 2 players and seeing which levels are harder or easier, because the game is that much fun.

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