Overclocked G3258 Supported?

Hi, I own Killer Instict Season 1 and 2 on Xbox One. I’m looking at downloading the PC version of Killer Instict but I have a question. On the listed CPU’s it lists the i5 and i7. Does this game require quad core processors or would a 4.4ghz Dual Core G3258 be enough to play this game? I have a EVGA GTX 750 TI SC 2gb video card and 8 gb of ram. The reason I’m asking is I am building cheap gaming pc to be used in an arcade cabinet and I currently have Windows 7 but I have access to a $10 copy of Windows 10 (education discount at work) and the only reason I would update to Win 10 is this game. Don’t want to go through the effort if the G3258 is not supported. I know I will have to jump through hoops to not only install Windows 10 but to overclock again (Darn Intel added microcode to try to keep us overclockers from increasing our 3.2ghz dual cores to 4.0+ GHZ)

there are cheap quad core AMD cpu’s around if you can’t get an Intel, they re great for PC gaming but not for emulating

I was tempted but I was going for a budget gaming pc and already bought all the pieces and parts. This new pc was mainly built for emulation and mid range gaming like Street Fighter V and Mortal Kombat X via the overclock. I’d love to add Killer Instinct too but for one game it wasn’t worth upgrading a dedicated MAME pc in an arcade cabinet. Ultimately for emulation I just need really high single core performance and ideally on a Intel chip. I’m hoping my pc can run Killer Instict on medium if it supports dual core, but that’s granted the microsoft store lets me download it on it.