Our Brains vs. Our Bodies

Do you find that our brains and our bodies don’t always work together, are not always in sync with each other?

Here are a few more examples:
The tip-at-your-tongue moment.
Slippery, buttery fingers.
At night your body tells you to go to sleep but your brain tells you to stay awake. And during the day your body tells you to stay awake but your brain tells you to go to sleep. And vice-versa :stuck_out_tongue:
You remember the person’s name but forget the person’s face. Or you remember the person’s face but forget the person’s name.
You press the wrong button by mistake when you meant to press the correct button i.e. game controller buttons, elevator buttons
Your body tells you NOT to press the button icon but your brain tells you to press it anyway like it happened to me, for example, when I MISTAKENLY kept on pressing the “Log Off” button icon a few times on the Killer Instinct/Ultra-Combo Forums while using my smartphone :stuck_out_tongue:
You (and your body) are about to sit down to relax or lie down to take a nap when your brain suddenly reminds you that you need to take care of something really important or your brain suddenly pops/throws a really important detail at you AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE.


Really interesting.

This one is true with me sometimes.

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I totally relate.

My brain is all like “don’t guess break”

But sometimes my fingers are like “AH CRAP WE’RE HIT DO SOMETHING NAAAAAOOOOOOO”