Original Jago Free With Shadow Jago Purchase?

Just double-checking this again.

Should have Original Jago as playable since I purchased Shadow Jago?

I know that Shadow Jago is currently unplayable for whatever reason, and i’m assuming that this affects my Original Jago, as Original Jago was supposed to be jointly unlocked when I purchased Shadow Jago.

I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find any information on the matter!

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First of all, he wasn’t free with Shadow Jago, he was factored into the price, also if you are talking about the bundle of shago thats out now, then yes, it should have included Jago.


I’m wondering this as well, because I didn’t receive regular Jago despite it being advertised in the $9.99 bundle here:

Now I bought this bundle through the Windows 10 store in-game and haven’t received Jago. Both the bundle on Xbox One and Windows 10 are the same price, so I was hoping/expecting that I was getting both Jagos so I could play a bit more with them before purchasing any of the other bigger bundles. Are they two separate products, but with the exact same pricing?


I assumed that I owned Original Jago from purchasing the Shadow Jago bundle as well.

I am on PC, and Original Jago was free for PC users for the first month on release, so I had no way of checking, as his face on the character select screen always said ‘Free’.

Now both Shadow Jago and Original Jago are unselectable.

How long has it been now? Damn…

Well, Shago is selectable now, though Jago is not considered as a bought character on my side. I am a little confused if I should think of it as a problem or not, because I bought it via the in-game store, not in xbox store. Because in the last he is in a bundle with Jago only.

Yeah, we probably didn’t get the bundle.

I bought Jago separately anyway, as I couldn’t wait any longer for them to finish deciding on whatever it was they decided that they were deciding to do with Shadow Jago.