Original Character - Water Monster - Dorivan

In ancient Atlantis, the creatures used for tasks underwater, were the kind of Dorivan.

They were not born naturally, only the rulers of Atlantida controlled their procreation.
When the city crumbled and disappeared, only a few species of Dorivan survived. Over the centuries the remaining managed with difficulty to have some children to continue the species. But something was wrong with the genes, and every century, fewer and fewer were able to have children, and the species dwindles slowly.

In the last century, only Dorivan and a female were born. The two formed a couple and miraculously had a daughter. The species will continue for a while.

One day, her daughter very curious about the outside world, left the Hidden Lake where her parents are hiding, and is caught by local fishermen.

UltraTech buy this still living creature of fishermen and begins to study their DNA.
Dorivan tracks and attacks the laboratory of UltraTech to retrieve his daughter. But is arrested and subdued. Seeing the potential of a well-trained adult, UltraTech learn how to communicate and learn the story of Dorivan.

And both make an agreement, Dorivan should show its value against Gargos and if successful, UltraTech promises to use all their technology and create others of his kind. UltraTech also redeem their daughter and they can save their species from extinction.


Tribute obvious, the Creature from the Black Lagoon. With it, the vampire and Frankenstein woman they did earlier, KI’s classic monsters are ready :laughing:

It did following the idea of the classic monster, wanted something very close. But not a copy or the monster or the Darkstalkers Rikuo. I wanted something more serious and less caricaruta. I took references of Beyondness fish, after all is the nature of Dorivan hide to survive

Some details of the gameplay

The hook with the rope, is a kind of control. When the opponent is hooked, Dorivan can block or hinder some commands. For example, during a jump, the player who controls the hook can double-tap down and do the hooked “down” quickly, offsetting a jump. It can take two touches back, to create an involuntary dash at the opponent.

He has a supersonic cry that stuns the opponent, has short distances and can also destroy projectiles

During the instinct he can spit a poison spray that takes life by time, and that can not be defended, the poison Substitutes the supersonic attack. It is also a short distance attack and can not be defended, but it can be avoided, unless you are hooked and be pulled up from the spray :wink:

This is my idea for aquatic monster!
Feel free to suggest new ideas!


nice work . you create the character with back ground story, moves etc . so every thing feets perfectly … good job

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Again, awesome character concept and bio! Also love the creature from black lagoon idea.

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Interesting concept, but I’m not sure I’m a fan of it overall, especially the picture. When I think of an aquatic creature, I think I would prefer something similar to what was oft being discussed in the previous forums - a shark monster:



I did what I like and prefer. is not anything official or anything!

I just tried to create a different stereotype of a strong monster with teeth. I think the current quota already have enough of this type

Intresting design and I think it works out well.

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That’s a great character design - KI could really use an aquatic style character.

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You mean my topic Shark man?

Looks like a cool water warrior!

I wish you can think of…

  • a wind warrior (ex. a djinn/genie)
  • a Sherlock Holmes-like detective
  • a mad scientist (thinking of something Mister Sinister) since Kan-Ra is a sorcerer. I can see KI having its own Shang Tsung & Quan Chi.

Any Darkstalkers to bring back?

They got…

  • Sabrewulf (Jon Talbain)
  • Kan-Ra (Anakaris)
  • Hisako (she’s got both Bishamon & Hsien-Ko)
  • Fulgore (Huitzil)
  • Cinder (Pyron)

You got a…

  • vampire (Demitri)
  • merman (Rikuo)
  • frankenstein (Victor)

What about…

  • catwoman (Felicia)
  • zombie/rock star (Lord Raptor)
  • succubus (Morrigan & Lillith)
  • half-breed (Donovan Baine)
  • cryptid - ex. wendigo (Sasquatch)
  • insect (Q-Bee)
  • grim reaper (Jedah Dohma)
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Man I really want some of your concepts to become actual characters.

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I would also like :blush:

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Djinn has been done, and I honestly am not a fan of the idea ehhehe

But a a mad scientist, and a Wendigo (or something like) dude, i will do for sure =D

I can picture the mad scientist working for Ultratech.

Kan-Ra is the “Shang Tsung” and the mad scientist is the “Quan Chi”.

There are mad scientists like Frankenstein, Jekyll & Hyde, etc.

I’ve also thought of a wrestler character.

If male, I picture him evil, like Bane and Broly. He’d be the perfect rival for TJ.

If female, I’d see someone like AJ Lee or Paige of WWE.

SF got Zangief, Tekken for King, DOA got Bass Armstrong and VF got Wolf.

What about also an old fighter following Gen, Gouken, Wang and Heihachi? And Master Sage from Tao Feng?


im not a fan of this one :smiley:
nice pic tho dude!

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If only the water character looked a bit like this.


Its a good combination to make a character use elemental abilities while still being fish like in appearance. and I’m talking about using water as a weapon to.

Yo do a Wendigo that’ll be epic! There are some cool ideas from Until Dawn :wink:

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Great concept Zeybuccaneer, this is a true aquatic creature I would like in KI. I love the classic universal monsters and this and a vampire would be killer in season 3.

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the classics are better :wink:

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