Ori and the Blind Forest is Best Xbox One Game of 2015


Congrats and bravo to Ori and the Blind Forest on winning/receiving the award for Best Xbox One Game of 2015/Best Xbox One Game Award of 2015. That was a very well-earned AND very well-deserved award too for Ori and the Blind Forest :grinning: :grin: :smiley: :smile: :sunglasses:


Oddly enough I just got around to finishing that game and I have to say it’s an amazing experience. Just a beautiful game from start to finish. It was very challenging, but I never had the slightest feeling like it was unfair or unbalanced. Top shelf quality, absolutely loved it!

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It’s nice seeing a smaller title being recognized as game of the year.

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Pretty soon and even better too: Game of the Decade :wink: :smile: :sunglasses: