Order of Download?

Killer Instinct on my Xbox is about 22 percent done. There are two characters (the jagos) and a stage (jago’s stage). I’m wondering what the order that everything downloads in. When I downloaded the game it showed the characters being downloaded separately. Now it only shows S3 and combo breaker being qued. Do the characters download first? The new stages? Is it in seasonal order? I really want to know this so I don’t play with the jago’s only expecting another one to come soon. Thanks!

Characters load starting with Season 3 and work backwards to Season 1. Once the character is downloaded their stage is as well. Once all characters have been downloaded, you’ll have access to All online multiplayer modes.

Edit: Also, all characters will finish at about 65-70%.

Ah so I can’t unload the toad yet? I was thinking about firing up the game since I am at 25% but if only Jago is available I guess ill wait lol

Anyway I am not sure. When I first downloaded the game in December it did it in order IIRC. First was Jago (and Shago because I bought him) and then Season1, then Season 2 after those characters. So I am assuming its in order.


Looks like I was wrong, disregard my post :slight_smile:

Thank you! I like that it starts S3 first because I get my dream character faster- Tusk! Literally keep damaging AS they’re knocked down!

EDIT: Seems they’re all downloaded and waiting to install. Hype!