Orchid shadow skin bug?

So when i select orchid in her retro green outfit and select shadow skin on her, gooing into a match her legs are still yellow?

same here… this was going to be my goto outfit too… classic green with purple shadow :frowning: KEITZ PLZ! /s

yeah also when u do a rematch the smoke around the shadow skin dissapears

wow yeah, I have to go back to the character select screen each time and repick the shadow color for it to be applied.

LOVE her shadow skin!!!

Please make sure this is in the official bug reporting thread!


i saw so many bugs with the new shadow skin like nomather what character you play, when you equip the shadow skin and you re match the (smoke) effect around your character is gone… also i noticed when u play shadow jago you can perform an ultimate without using instinct first you can just end with an ultimate without popping your instinct

true guess its a bug

I did dude hope all this stuff is going to be fixed, theres so many weird bugs going on right now.