No guys, KI can not possibly deserve such a shame, here it takes a remake and now. Not good. It should not be absolutely fine.

orchid is a beacon in the world of KI, deserves to be drawn to duty!


Her retro hair is indeed horribly executed, opposite of her select screen picture that looks perfect. Taking that aside, I’d seriously change those boots that are nothing accurate with her original retro and neither those lazy light sabers that she uses in retro.

I’m really satisfied with lots of the other retro, this one though… A total letdown, cause it was the one I most expected also.


I see no difference in the pictures…


ask IG to totally change the costume is perhaps too … but maybe we can ask him to put more care…

if killer instinct is a game that is improved from season to season, then they should do it, because it is right. Otherwise you create differences in level of quality in the game.

@MandrillManiac Look around the neckline and the edges of the hair of each picture; that’s where I see very noticeable differences. :wink:

Bar the lower neckline and blurring of hair, I agree with you.

Late responses…I was sleeping…

@GalacticGeek & @GazR_J I get what you guys are saying… But It doesn’t look that bad anyway. Idk Maybe something is wrong with my eyes…But Lines like this:[quote=“Ravan86, post:1, topic:2511”]
KI can not possibly deserve such a shame

Over an optional costume is nit-picking IMO.

Geez Opinions everywhere.

It can be fixed…But I rather that work go elsewhere.

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I can’t believe we’re still *****ing about these costumes.

I don’t really have a problem with her retro either. Her hair just bothers me a bit

Forget Orchid ever getting top notch treatment.

Yeah I noticed that neck a loooooooooooooooooooooong time ago.

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Ive resolved its over for her bounceback its sad really…
I look forward to Kim to make up for Orchid huge failure

Orchid is not a huge failure. Sure she would do good with an update.
But at least her face looks smashing!

“Shame” is a strong word here. Are the quality of some of the season one retros a bit less than the quality of the rest of the product? Yes, I would say so and in an ideal world, I’d like to see the retros for Orchid, Sabrewulf and Fulgore in particular get some fixing. But I really don’t see it as such a dire issue that it needs to keep getting brought up ad nauseum. That’s just my opinion though. I know many disagree and that’s fine.

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I always wondered what it would look like if I glued a bunch of beef jerky to my head and tried to pass it off as hair.

Now I know.

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Or fettucine strips.

Its only when you look at such an awesome stage like thunder then the model for Orchid that theres this big WTF

Yeah the hair may not beall that great, but all you guys and gals can do is hope they find to make the changes.

It’s been two years. Nothing is going to happen.

Her neck is otherworldly

I’ll aree that some of the retors need serious adjustments. but honestly, this needs to be grouped with all the retro related complaints cause now there’s one too many.

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