Orchid in Super Smash Bros as a Guest

Hello people how are you? Today i’m asking for your opinions and at the same time make a suggestion to the future. First, i must tell what made me think in something like this:

A few days ago appeared a leaked list of characters and guest characters for Soul Calibur 6, and Jago has listed as the guest of xbox and steam versions of SC6, so i thought a thing: “What about Orchid as a guest character in the new Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch that’s coming?” i analyzed the situation and realeased these facts:

1-SMB4 received characters like Ryu from Street Fighter, Cereza from Bayonetta and the Mii versions of Jacky and Akira from Virtua Fighter, all characters from third party games (i know Bayonetta is a second party now), so why not Orchid should be in a new Smash?

2-If Jago in SC6 is real, would be repetitive if he becomes a guest in another game, and alongside him, the best option to this is Orchid because she is a signature character of KI franchise.

3-Fulgore also fits as a guest character but not to Smash, he is a more “violent” and scary type that don’t serve well in Smash’s ambientation, in other hand Orchid fits perfect since she have a lot of humor, great personality and a lot of other things to contrast in the game.

4-Killer Instinct made its roots with Nintendo as its house, some KI characters are familiar in Big N platforms and Orchid is one of them (and in my opinion a excellent work was done with her back in time in particular).

And is only this, i leave here my thoughts, i want to know the points of view of yours, and this is also a suggestion for the developers, a great embrace and see you in the next posts :heart: (or in some comments around here :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:).

if Nintendo wants to, Phill Spencer says there’s no issue. But as a member of the Smash community, i think I speak for all of us when I say that we want Banjo and Kazooie in Smash before Black Orchid.

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Well if Nintendo was willing to have 2 Rare guests the second one could be a KI character, though personally I think Fulgore would represent KI better than Orchid, as he is the poster boy of the series (on the cover of all the boxarts, a main antagonist, etc.). Not to mention the CERO (Japan’s Ratings Board) was apparently furious at Nintendo when they put Bayonetta in the game, so maybe Nintendo would want to avoid something similar with Orchid.

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Yeah Banjo and Kazooie would be excellent guests too :heart::green_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart: i dream about a crossover game with Mario and Banjo-Kazooie. But a KI character is really interesting to Smash, and in this possibilities Orchid and some others characters fit very well in Smash in my opinion.

Interesting! I don’t knew about this CERO hating Cereza for their motives but the public received her well, i sure the Smash players will receive any KI character with opened arms but some of them is more alike the game than others. (thanks for your comment i will now search for informations about CERO and see how relevant to games they are).

Orchid really isn’t overly sexual in current KI. At the most, she just wouldn’t be allowed to have her KI 2 costume. Oh, And her breast flash can’t be her final smash :pensive:.

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I lean more toward Fulgore too, but him and Orchid are both viable options. Plus Jago would just a tad to similar to Ryu to stand out.

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Her Breast finisher i don’t think on something that must returns, the old rare made it as a funny thing, more than something to sexualize the lady despite herself were already sexualized (in my opinion this is not a bad thing since the developers keep the good sense). Orchid in Smash would have a lot of more moves and finishers better than that.