Optional Screenpacks?

As the development of the game has grown with the fans. What do you guys think about having optional screenpacks (menu designs)? We’ve saw multiple different designs, what’s your guys favorite? Are you satisfied with the latest look?

I had hoped that the menus would have been updated before it’s all said and done. Unfortunately that doesn’t look likely at this point. I really dislike the look of the menus. The videos are low res. They freeze for a couple of seconds when going between menus and there is way too many button presses. Everything is hidden behind menu after menu.

If we aren’t gonna get something new which I would have preferred a legacy option would be greatly appreciated even if it’s just a colour palette swap from the seasons. It would be so good seeing those flames back from Season 1.

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If a hypothetical season 4 were to happen one of my wishes would be for the menus to be updated along with the color scheme matching the one of the original Killer Instinct. Purple red and silver would look great I think.


I knew I wasn’t the only one that liked that look!

I always liked the idea of multiple interface themes, since 'Tony Hawks: Underground ’