Opinion: Please Upgrade the "Checking DLC" Screen

This is an admittedly small gripe, but it’s one that I thought I’d bring up simply because it’s one of the first things that people see when they first load the game.

Now, I just want to say first and foremost that the KI logo screen that first comes up after the MS & IG screens is gorgeous! High quality, great texture and animation… It just looks perfect.

But once you press start and the KI logo bursts, what you’re treated to next is somewhat less so. Here are my issues:

  1. Loading time. I haven’t clocked it, but it feels like it’s enough to bring the point up. Is there any way that this can be shortened a little bit? If not, please see ideas below.

  2. Same phrase twice. Why does it say that it’s checking for downloadable content twice, in two different fonts?

  3. The purple bar. Maybe this has some sort of use, like if there’s an error or something, but all I see is a purple rectangle in the green box and I don’t quite get why it’s there.

  4. The rotating hexagons. Of all the things that could symbolize loading, I dunno… It just seems dull. I know, it’s a checking DLC screen, but still.

  5. The full screen itself. For as long as it takes, it’s really not much to look at from a style or substance standpoint. I get that it’s a loading screen, but there are many other games that do a lot more with a screen like this than what we see in this game.

Would it be asking too much to maybe, instead of showing a box, maybe show slides of the character’s hero art? Maybe have the words “Checking Downloadable Content” in the bottom right corner with the spinning KI logo from the post select / Fight On screen?

Or maybe use this time to put in a sort of arcade attract mode style of montage? Maybe you get a random character and they do their level intro on their level and it changes to a season one dossier type of thing with their stats, brief background, etc? They could keep coming character by character, then once it’s ready, the “checking downloadable content” and KI logo change to “Press Start” and you have the option to start the game or keep viewing the attract mode.

Anyone else agree or disagree? Again, I’m not saying it’s the most important thing ever, but it’s just something I think about whenever I first load the game up and I’m stuck at that loading screen.


Yea I hate the checking dlc screen, takes forever. It wasn’t always like that. There was a time when you pressed start and the announcer said “killer instinct” and the menu and music would automatically start. I actually enjoyed it cuz the music/announcer are epic lol but now it’s ruined with the long pause after the announcer does his thing.

I was thinking about this the other day. If nothing can be done to improve the time it takes, what about using that to show the latest message, like what’s shown on the title screen? For instance, “The week’s free character rotation is Sadira!”, “Patch notes are now live.”, etc. I like the full-screen character art idea too. Maybe it could be a combination of things. Full-screen character art, with gameplay tips and/or game news/messages.


I agree. The screen takes way too long sometimes. I actually start the game up, press start, and go an do something else for a minute or two like grab a drink or browse on my laptop because I know how long it can take lol

Yeah, me too. Usually I just instinctively pull out my phone and browse twitter or instagram or play a quick round of MKX mobile (yeah, I still play that for some reason lol). Maybe a round or two of Final Fantasy Tactics on my phone (that game is a gift that keeps on giving almost 20 years later).

So while it’s not the worst wait in the world, it’s a slight hype killer. I’m excited for the game and then after a while I get this “oh my god, come on already” feeling and that’s not really where I want my head to be when the game starts.

That said, if the load time can’t be shortened, if that’s just the way of things, then that’s fine. But give us something to look at that’s not two fonts saying the same words, a purple box that’s there for some unknown reason and small, rotating hexagons.

Again, not a dire situation by any means, but it’d be awesome if they took some time and gave us hero art or dossier pics or, like @GravityoXo said above, maybe mix in an ad for the free rotating character and yeah, it could be a combination of things. Just something to keep our eyes transfixed during this process.

I’d still love to see a sort of attract mode here with a character entrance, a dossier animation that comes in and shows their vitals, brief background, enemies, allies, etc, then maybe a few seconds of them fighting. They could have this set so that you get a random one each time you load the game up. I think that’d be awesome, but even if it’s just random pics of character hero art, I’d be more than happy with that as well.

@developers Any chance something like this could happen?

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Lmaoooo tell me about man. That is why when I press start I instantly find something to do for a minute or two so I don’t get to that feeling hahaha

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I always hit the A button and mash jab on the first frame but this screen has got me in block stun like forever. Keits please nerf!

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So glad it’s not just me! I mean, I get that stuff needs to load and all and DLC needs to be checked, but man. Give me something cool or exciting to look at while I’m waiting. I shouldn’t have to pull my phone out to entertain myself lol.

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I agree… its most likely just not on the top of their list of things to do. Maybe at the end of S3 they will touch those things up.

I wish we still have the the weekly Q&A as this was a great time to ask questions and the Devs would answer them. I wish they would bring that back so topics like this would stay fresh on their mind.

Yeah, and I definitely wouldn’t expect it to be that high on their list of priorities. It’d just be nice if they could possibly look in to fine tuning it after the season’s over, like you said.

I could probably make the same thread about the “Fight On” screen with the sort of odd looking, semi-translucent VS logo, a spinning KI logo with a different font, the scrolling background that stops scrolling, the recycled animations for the characters moving in to the frame and then freeze, usually while blinking. The whole thing is decent, but I think it could look a lot better and more stylish.

That’s kinda my feeling about the checking DLC screen. It’s… Okay. It’s functional, I guess. It’s just a lot of time wasted looking at something that looks well, yeah. I think that there could be a lot of things that could be done with this page that could engage the players attention a little more and or hype them up a bit (in both cases, actually).

I don’t think that new KI absolutely MUST borrow everything from old KI by any means, but one thing old KI had in spades was presentation. It grabbed your attention at the arcade, not just with the loud voice (though that was part of it), or the music (also part of it), but with the hype attract mode and the dark, awesome “fight on” screen.

It’d be nice to see something like an attract mode on the checking DLC screen with a brief character vignette and a dossier or something like that. Again I’d be happy with their hero art at this point, but I always appreciated that visual presentation in old KI and I’d like to see that type of stuff in new KI as far as these screens are concerned.

For the “fight on” screen, as I’ve said before, it’d be great if they had a dark screen split in half and each character had a brief vignette like a camera panning up the wall of Sabrewulf’s castle and up to the balcony where he’s howling at a moon or it could even be a recycled animation from story mode or the season one dossiers or whatever, just made to fit. But then have a KI logo burn in to the picture in between the characters on either side and have the announcer say “fight on.”

Anyways, just my two cents. I love the new KI logo entering the picture and bursting. I think that’s top notch. I just want to see that level of quality and presentation for some other places in the game that may be a bit less significant, but are still seen enough by the player that some polish would be appreciated.

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I’d suggest the following proceedure:

  1. launch game
  2. logos appear.
  3. Whilst this is happening, the DLC is checked (as it takes a similar/slightly smaller) amount of time).
  4. All being well, you might be able to press start and get stuck in with your profile and dlc loaded and checked before the main title even appears.

If they did add an attract mode, just have a bunch of different battles, with the Killer Instinct announcement occasionally (kind of like the original game’s title screen).