Opinion on why IG/MS is charging so much for KI skin packs and proof

While the recent “skin” packs of 3 for 5.00 bucks have been causing some ripples in less than 24 hours of release I thought i would share a few things that have come to my attention as of late. To explain why theses gold packs cost so much or at least have some food for thought as it where.

MS gouging players pockets as of late?
Gears 4 season pass, all recolors of weapon skins and many people wonder what value the season pass hold. play maps one week early is about it.

MS windows 10 anniversary update force installs games with in app purchases that promote frivolous spending of real money. LINK for proof below. With KI released on PC and requiring anniversary update installed to even play KI on PC. Worst of all is that it has no option to disable it other than a registry edit.

MS encouraging players spending real money to gift gold REQ packs in halo 5 to other players. As well as 10 dollar announcer voice pack for use in multiplayer modes. So they want me to spend real money to gift to a player to get random loot or gear that isnt even guaranteed to unlock anything? potentially wasting my hard earned money?

Im not really going to blame IG for making these gold packs uninspiring and expensive. However after doing some digging im finding MS is making a hard push into our wallets to support their ways. make your own conclusions as you will but this is clearly mine.


Evil corporation seeks to profit off of non-essential periphery in-game because they are evil and hate you all, obviously.


Not like I’m gona buy them so no loss for me.


Let me grasp what you’re suggesting.

Because of the anniversary update, this fully dictated the price of the (optional) packs?

Are you extremely discouraged when other games provide optional skins/costumes that you can purchase such as Overwatch, Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2, Street Fighter?


no, im saying its an obvious trend and MS set the price for these packs.

Well, those games you mentioned have gang busters more user base than KI. feel free to further strangle the very people who have supported this game. No skin off me bro

EDIT: these arent skins, theyre recolors

Please don’t suggest I’m attacking you for I’m only asking questions.

You didn’t answer my second question.

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Why is their install base relevant?

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In the future Microsoft will become…ULTRATECH!


BTW, I won’t spend a cent in GoW 4 ridiculous pack stuff hidden in a lottery wall. I understand paying for what you want, but paying for random stuff??? No way.

I wanted classic skins because I expected to find a character I really like. So far I have like 22,000 game coins and don’t feel I want to get any pack ingame. So far there’s nothing in that game that calls my attention.

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That is SO many coins… :open_mouth:

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Do I sense sabotage? Us like Mircosoft? Trying to hurt UT’s reputation eh? Two can play at that game…


I’m waiting for something interesting to use those coins and will keep saving them (I’m close to hit second re up without boosting and with that I think I get few packs for free). But I’m guessing I’ll have to pay any interesting thing to come with real money (characters/skins, etc) However, I’m not buying random cards with the risk of not obtaining what I want unless is game coins.
Once I hit 200 I may eventually stop playing this game -___- This means…I need more KI!! =D


Long live Ultratech

Hmmmmmm hid your true colours. Smart girl.

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Not a problem, as I won’t be getting the skins.

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I’m buying skins for the three main characters I use so…meh.

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Halo’s getting new announcers, even more new Forge features, AND the grenade launcher!!! OMG! That’s 1 of my favorite Halo weapons!!! :smile:

I wish KI would get new announcers… :expressionless:

If I get the terror skins, it will only be for jago and glacius, and that’s if I like them.


Lol. There’s only one simple explanation required. They are charging that amount because they think that’s how much they can get people to pay :moneybag:. That’s sort of their role as a for-profit company. The only thing the rest of the nonsense has to do with the skin packs is that it is also intended to make money.

I tend to agree that the price for Gears stuff seems crazy. But they have always charged crazy prices for gun skins etc in thos games. But I’ve never bought any.

What follows is a wall of text that probably only interests me, so consider yourselves warned.

One of the things we forget is that the eclectic gamer is actually kind of a rare breed. A huge proportion of console owners buy and play only a small number of games. You know the archetype - some guys only play Madden. Or FIFA. Or call of Duty. I don’t have the figures at my finger tips but the all time highest sell thru rate, meaning number of games sold for each console sold is only like 6. So the “average” console owner only ever owns a handful of games. Since I have 100+ games on my Xbox One I’m not in that group. Probably many if you are not either.

But among the interesting tidbits about the mobile, micro transaction F2P revolution that is making billions of dollars on games like Pokémon Go and Subway Surfer is that micro transactions don’t generate huge revenues with huge numbers of people making small purchases. It turns out that most of the revenue comes from “whales” - individuals who are willing to spend A LOT on that one game. This is true for things like iPhone endless runners as well as LOL. That’s why you have things like $100 random pack micro transactions. It’s for hooking whales.

This is clearly what MS is going for with Gears and may be leaning towards with KI. You may not like it, but they are following the trend so it’s hard to blame them. If you consider that they are just selling speed boosts and cosmetics then certainly they are in what is generally considered “fair” territory for micro transactions (i.e. Not pay to win). If you only ever play Gears, and you are spending 50 hours a week playing it, then maybe it’s worth it to you to drop that much money on gun skins.

The real problem is that people see stuff, and they want it but they don’t want to pay. Since it’s not “real” physical stuff the value seems arbitrary and it’s easy to say “just give it to me.” But it’s there for a reason and like many other things you will be happier if you think of it as a choice you are making rather than being “strangled” by the developer.


well said. I should add that what my original post implies and my true feelings differ greatly. having said that tho.

I think these pricing concern are exacerbated by the fact they Randomized the characters in the gold pack. so say I main 3 characters. that’s 15 bucks and 75% wasted money on something potential owners will never use.

I’m glad to have these deeper discussions opening up different perspectives than just bashing it. :heart:

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I’m sure there are going to be similar knee-jerk reactions to the prime titans in titanfall 2. 5 bucks for a skin that you mostly won’t be seeing unless you play with the enhanced auto-titan?! Meanwhile, they’ll conveniently ignore the free maps, free titan kits, and free weapons that are releasing…


yup. be aware that big gaming review sites such as ign, gamespot, polygon and eurogamer all advice people not to trust certain game developers with relations to DLC and pricing/quality. there’s a huge push right now to persuade consumers to not trust game studios. I think to the general public not posting in these forums it seems more of the same BS unfortunately. people got their guard up more than usual.