Opinion on Jago

So I’m not new at ki per se I played on and off for a while and I have been wanting another fighter to play. So I started playing again and I have gotten tired of playing sadira and I used to main Akuma in USFIV so I decided to pick jago up. I just wanted to ask do people think he’s cheap? I don’t want to be thought of as that guy who plays a character because he’s cheap.

No he’s pretty legit. Only thing I think is cheesy and it’s just my opinion is instinct cancelling a combo breaker into shadow fireballs for free health. But outside of that he’s just an all around solid character with a good balance of tools.

So he could be considered one of those easy to play hard to master type characters

Yes, that’s right.

Yeah, you’re pretty unlikely to be called “cheap” for anything Jago can do.

He’s a KI character through and through, so he certainly has some dirt, but in general his neutral and options are fairly straightforward. You’ll get an eye roll when you turn a low forward or overhead or combo breaker into a 30% life swing, but other than that you won’t really make anyone rage.

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Nah he’s pretty balanced straightforward character who can hold his own against most of not all characters. Even if they took away the breaker->instinct trick, he’s still very strong

Whoever calls you cheap is a scrub, so why worry?


He is not cheap, he can actually be shut out really badly if you haven’t familiarized yourself with his manual shenanigans. The only thing I consider unfair would be a Combo Breaker into Instinct Cancel followed by a flurry of Endokukens to gain all the health. They ought to change his animation to a Windkick whereas the opponent is thrown backwards, avoiding his unfair setup.

I guess I’ll avoid doing cheap stuff like that then haven’t gotten into his manuals yet not too sure how manuals work anyway I am not that good at ki and don’t fully understand all of its mechanics

In all seriousness though, I would recommend getting over the idea that something is “cheap” or “unfair”. Everyone in KI has some form of BS or dirt - it’s up to the opponent to deal with those things and control the fight enough that they get around them.

There really isn’t much benefit to intentionally locking yourself out from portions of the game or your character out of a sense of honor…your opponents are unlikely to have to have the same scruples.


trust me, compared to spinal, cinder, sabrewolf, riptor… actually dam near everyone else, jago is probably the least cheap player

Definitely don’t avoid doing this, the health gain you can get is a huge benefit and can often be the key decider in close matches.

In different games in the past I called people out for what I considered to be cheap tactics such as winning with a throw or using the same combo string repeatedly, but the truth is that I was just angry that my opponent got round my defences and beat me. That is what really drives talk of cheapness, the fact that no one likes to lose to ANYTHING.

Very well said.

I wouldn’t say don’t do it. I still use it as it is EXTREMELY helpful for Jago to use in certain situations. I mean it is implemented in the game so really there is nothing wrong with it. I’m sure Season 3 will fix it somehow or do something to ease his scaled advantage.

But regardless, you are the player and decide on a playstyle, don’t let someone dictate how you play simply because said person may see it as “cheap”. I strongly dislike it when people low HK me and follow up with a throw but it isn’t cheap, it is the opponent finding a valuable opening in my offense to shift momentum in their favor. Sometimes, I will play extremely defensive with Jago, depending only on his endokukens from afar and using his windkicks to get in. I mean, really, play as you like. Let the other person suffer for not being able to defend themselves to the development of your offense.

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Yeah no kidding, Spinals corner run/cancel with an overhead projectile or Sabrewulfs 50/50.

Jago is a pretty cool character but there is not much unique about him as a character, he is your Ryu or basic guy in gameplay and design

Him being ‘cheap’…nah I don’t think cheap characters exist anymore

I mean nobody from KI, MKX, USF4 or even SF5 I would call ‘Cheap’

Plenty of cheap stuff in all of those games. However how cheap something us or isn’t should not factor into your gameplan, just how effective it is.

If you want to win you’ll utilize the best tools available to you to do so. If it’s “Cheap” or aka “So easy for me to execute its completely unfair to my opponent and they can’t do anything about it” do it! It is the fault of the opponent for making the mistake and they must learn from what you or your character just did. Fighting games are all about using your character to the best of your ability and exploiting the flaws/mistakes that your opponent makes. As a former Sadira player you should know all about punishing your opponents for making mistakes. There is literally no such thing as “Cheap”, there is Winning, and there is losing.

I agree with some points you make and not so much with others.

For example, you say that [quote=“ZeroSyndicate, post:18, topic:2521”]
There is literally no such thing as “Cheap”

I disagree with this sentiment. There is a lot of stuff in any FG that is, in fact, cheap - in other words, it does exist.

Does that mean you shouldn’t do it though? Well, like you said - no. You should probably do it as much as you can - if you want to win. [quote=“ZeroSyndicate, post:18, topic:2521”]
If you want to win you’ll utilize the best tools available to you to do so.

That being said, you’re not likely to make new friends that way if you have the ego of a social butterfly rather than a competitive spirit. So, there at least, I agree with you.

I also disagree with you here [quote=“ZeroSyndicate, post:18, topic:2521”]
there is Winning, and there is losing.

It isn’t just about winning and losing. It’s also about having fun (although I admit, most people don’t necessarily have fun when they lose - then again, I’ve met some people who don’t even have fun even when they win since they feel as though they didn’t do well enough in their own minds, but I digress)!

…and finally… [quote=“ZeroSyndicate, post:18, topic:2521”]
If it’s “Cheap” or aka “So easy for me to execute its completely unfair to my opponent and they can’t do anything about it” do it! It is the fault of the opponent for making the mistake and they must learn from what you or your character just did.

How can they learn from it, when you yourself admittedly say that what you just did is completely unfair and they can’t do ANYTHING about it. Isn’t that the very definition of impossible? How do you learn from impossible? You can’t - your very own statement here is logically flawed (no offense).

As far as my opinion on Jago goes, he’s alright overall - he’s got some strong tools - namely his frametraps and relatively easy manuals - most of what others have already said is true (he really is a jack of all trades, but master of none).

If there is anything, however, that I personally would consider cheap with this character, it would be his instinct fireball juggles - it’s a decent amount of damage that’s unbreakable (since it’s a projectile) that also allows him to gain life AND build meter. That’s 4 positives with no negatives whatsoever when pulled off successfully (damage, life-gain, unbreakable, and builds meter). No other character gets that many benefits in a single setup as far as I know. It goes against the very concept of what KI stands for (that is to say, 2-way interaction) since the opponent that gets hit by this setup is, well, just sitting there.

I mean, sure, there are ways to avoid this setup BEFORE it starts (blocking or using projectile-invulnerable moves, for example), but once it hits, there’s nothing you can do except hope that the Jago player messes up the timing and drops you and his unbreakable combo like a sack of potatoes.

Other than that 1 setup though, I have no issues with Jago whatsoever.

Actually no he’s not. Actually he’s one of the best characters in the game. If you’re a beginner he’s a great character to learn the basics with.

However there’s a bit of a hidden catch22. Because most people learn the game with him, he’s very easy to pick out his combos. If ya plan on maining Jago make sure you vary your combos a bit so they’re harder to predict : )