Opener to Ultra

I think in that situation the ultra should be breakable just like any other ender is.

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Because your not dead yet… you still have life. You should have a chance to break all combos no matter what. In the classic games you had to go through the correct combo chain process or the ultra would not initiate.

Honestly I have never had an opponenet do this to me… only the CPU… since the CPU follows its own rules

Double openers in to linker into manuals to ender. Humans dont do that either… CPU does.
CPU doesnt even follow the Combo chain taught in the dojo

Ive tried several times to do double opener, it rarely works

You must not play online much, opener to ultra is about as common as getting grabbed. But the problem with allowing a break point before an Ultra could be initiated is that the last few moments of the match would turn into a combo/counter breaker guess fest. Say two opponents are both in danger, player one lands an opener, player two has two options: Yolo guess break because there is no way in hell player one is going to throw out something reactable, do nothing in anticipation of player one trying to counter break his break. Close matches would end in pure luck wins that would just piss people off.

you can not counterbreak if you do opener ender

Opener to ultra is fair it’s been there since day one. Same thing for 1 chance breaks. What I don’t think is fair is the Kan Ra 1 chance lvl 3 ender. But that will het nerfed I think

Double opener?? Maybe you mean opening with a special and then doing the same special as a linker? You can do opener linker, you don’t have to do opener auto.

I know how it works… what Im saying is 2 openers, opener/ linker, call it what you want.
CPU does it all the time. they skip the AD to throw you off.
Not many human players do this because it is hard to pull off accurately.

It’s actually extremely common for human players to do opener-linker.

Take thunder for instance; if you open up an opponent with either of his openers, the manual choices you have are extremely limited. So your choices are either A: do an auto double. B: do your hard to time, limited option manual. Or C: use a linker of your choice, which keeps your combo harder to react to and also gives you the manual of your choice.
The obvious choice is C. Which, trust me, most if not all high level thunder players choose to do.

It’s also extremely easy to do!

Opener-linker is very common at competitive play, and for good reason. Same goes for opener-ultra.


It’s not that hard fall, I do it all the time as Hisako since she can’t get a manual after her openers so it is the best way to get something difficult to react to.

Yeah, opener->linker is about as common as opener->ultra, which is about as common as getting grabbed. Opener->linker is a guaranteed way to get an orange lockout against rampant mash breaking with most (all?) of the cast, so it’s something that you see a lot in middle to upper level play.


Opener -> ultra (unbreakable) is definitely a good game mechanic and should stay. It also means, with good health management, you can kill someone who is at 30% life left by doing a high damage opener combo and immediately doing ultra. For example, GutterMagic used this technique to steal a game he probably should have lost from Rico in winner’s finals at Evo (Gutter would eventually win the set, too). Watch at about 13:40 in this vid (click here).

It’s not a hard mechanic to introduce into your game, actually. You can option select ultra after many openers (so it only comes out if the opener hits, and nothing happens on block or whiff), and if you’ve never thought about the notion of “hit confirming” yet (doing an action on reaction to a hit, and NOT doing it on block), it’s a great chance to learn it. Most hit confirms into ultra are very easy to do, especially compared to hit confirms in other games.

As for opener -> linker, yes it’s very common in regular play. You don’t always have to do an auto-double after your opener! One of the main benefits, as Storm said, is that linkers cannot be broken during startup. So if your opponent is mashing a random breaker strength, opener -> linker is pretty much a guaranteed timing lockout, whereas opener -> double can be broken by a correct guess.


It easy for Hisako and Kan ra…but it is not easy for Omen, Jago, Fulgore and TJ

I agree its def great at throwing off timing…but i wouldn’t call it easy to do.

Are you talking about opener -> ultra there?

It’s definitely easiest with Hisako/Orchid, because they have three stage moves. But it’s not nearly as hard as you think for other characters. Go to training, turn the opponent to 20% health, and try doing crouch MK into wind kick with Jago. Do ultra if it hits, and do nothing if it is blocked (turn blocking to “random”; hopefully you don’t get the training mode bug where they always block or always get hit). You’ll find it’s actually quite doable to always react. It’s even easier to react if you start with fwd+HK, because you get extra time.

If you are just doing raw wind kick (without a normal first), then yeah it’s a bit harder to react. Still possible, but harder. In this case, doing an option select is probably a better idea; simply always input the ultra (slightly late) and it will come out on hit but not come out on block.

No, not Opener Ultra…that is easy :smile:

Im talking about the double opener deal that throws off the break timing

I can do with Kan ra and Hisako…but i have alot of trouble doing it with Omen , and others

It’s the same timing and (in many cases) the exact same motion as opener -> ultra.

For example, Glacius does opener -> ultra by doing opener followed by QCF + 3P. He does opener -> linker by doing opener followed by QCF + LP or MP.

I can not get Omen to do 2 flurry kicks in a row without doing an AD…same with Jago laser sword. Which the Dojo teaches you to do in the higest level exercise in advanced combos… but its hard as hell to pull off

the CPU rocks the sheet out of it like its nothing… I mainly see Kanra players use this tech… another guy that uses it with Thunder ankle slice

I can do with Aria Arc kicks some times too… but its hard with omen and jago

Don’t really know what to tell you… you are probably having some input problems somewhere. You can turn on “input display” in training mode and maybe it will help you see if you are not doing the second QCF correctly. You also need to make sure you only press P or K for your opener one time. If you press it two times or mash it, you will get an auto-double in most cases because of how the KI input system works.

yeah that’s prob it… I just have to be more patient with my button presses
thanks Infil

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