Opener to Ultra

How in the hell can the CPU (Thunder) go from Ankle opener to Ultra with no chance to break an AD, manual, linker… anything? How is that legal if I still have energy available?

The CPU is so cheap, for real man…(Very Hard Difficultly BTW)

Opener to Ultra is legit with all characters as far as I know, not just Thunder & you can do it too, so feel free to return the favor when you get him in Danger, some command normal openers can be confirmed into Ultra immediately as well, for example: Spinal’s D HK Slide into Ultra.

I know its not just Thunder that can do it… its still BS…the CPU is fukkkin bull shiiit… period

I dont mind loosing but reading my moves and reacting is BS…and not being able to break is not right

It’s not a CPU thing, it’s a normal game mechanic. It makes the last few moments of a match all the more nerve-racking since any opener is game over as opposed to just turning into a combo/counter breaker scramble like some matches do in the pre-danger moments.

You can do it too, not just the CPU.
As Jago, I often times open my opponent with heavy laser sword straight to ultra because I know they can’t break it and the move itself gives me enough time to do the input.

It’s a normal thing. Whenever I see @TheKeits in stream chats for tournaments, I always see him saying more people should be doing this.


When you are in Danger you are in…DANGER!.. meaning your defense has to be up because an Ultra can be activated from an opener… that has always been in the game… If you watch any tournaments you will see players losing because they don’t go opener-Ultra… they do opener-double-ultra and get broken on the double. Learn it for yourself man :smile:

I did just learn it for myself…doesn’t mean it should be a viable combo mechanic.

My point being is I have never seen anyone do it… and honestly the CPU does things that humans don’t do, cant do consistently in a high pressure match… the CPU is cheap and you all know it

Lots of people do it, and the one’s that don’t really should.


Trust me. I do it all the time. People get antsy when in danger. I just windkick into ultra everytime. Literally any opener into Ultra will work.

No such thing as “cheap” just “solid play.” If the computer (or anyone, for that matter) is being “cheap” be cheap back. Get that mentality out of your head if you want to play well.

Was it “cheap” to give the ball to Micheal Jordan when the game was on the line? The answer is obviously “no.”

I’d say work on one chance break combos with hard knockdowns, followed up by ambiguous set ups. And every single time you get the chance you should go opener --> ultra. Not doing that is the same as telling your opponent you don’t really want to win.

Funny how most of you will say yeah its legit you should do it…will then go and say …Kan ra and his one chance/ no chance breaks are cheap.

it cant go both ways

its obvious now yeah i should do this too… i didnt realize it was legit… now i know… its still hypocritical to have a no chance open ender, but not be able to do it in the rest of the game

Unbreakables/hard-to-breaks with a cashout which do large amounts of damage and a setup into potentially the same thing can win matches. Opener into ultra to take the last >7.5% of a characters total health can finish a match you have already won.

The former should absolutely be done as well though (although of it is deemed to powerful or resource-light it should be toned down) but they are not really comparable. Ultra combos are supposed to be a powerful game mechanic as well as a chance to do a stylish combo and they have to be earned by basically already beating your opponent.

It’s easy to say that, but it’s different when you’re the one in the match. I also laugh when they get broken instead of going into Ultra, but then I lost a 2/3 to Paul B last week because I did the exact same thing.

The difference is one is simply a finisher, your reward for getting someone into danger is being able to finish them off without risk. It’s not cheap because you had to work hard to get them into that state.

I never liked that opener into ultra is unbreakable, since opener ender is breakable, opener into ultra should as well.

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Yeah. I know the feeling.

Well now that I know, I’m using it ever time I have the opportunity. SO I just did so in an exhibition match and was called a “cheap biitch” by my opponent…go figure lol

Lots of trolls on exhibition tonight…tea bagged twice and sent 2 nasty messages too… and one was from a guy that beat me! lol

What’s the point of breaking it? The instant the first hit of the ultra touches you the match is over so there’s no reason to break anymore.

Its not about breaking the ultra…its about everyone bitching about one chance breaks and no chance combos but then turning around and saying this is ok when you have life left to break but no opportunity

Im fine with it now… but i dont want to hear anyone talking about no break opportunities anymore… might as well make opener/ender legal