Only matching Gold rank or lower

I’ve decided to hop back on this game and I want to face the real killers but I keep matching against Gold rank or lower. Occasionally, I do get a killer but they’re not very skilled, if you know what I mean. I heard some shin hisako bug, but I don’t have any s3 characters except Gargos. Is this the state of the game now or am I just ranking against new comers only? On top of this terrible matchmaking experience that I’ve never seen before, the game keeps crashing repeatedly before a ranked match. Is there a fix?

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Well we ALMOST matched up the other day. I saw your name tag, got excited, and then KI crashed.

I’m having the same problem right now. Hardly getting any Killers mostly Gold or Silvers. I win a match and then KI crashes while searching the next match. I’ve probably lost a good 500 points from crashes alone.

To answer your question though, KI’s online server is bugged right now. They are currently trying to fix it, but thus far nothing has worked.

Are you playing in Steam or Xbox/Win?

Steam uses are very green (specially with KI having a disccount these last days). Ask for Killer rank players to have exhibition. If you are a lower rank (if you have been reset) then you will be matched with lower ranks.

I’m on Xbox with 4 stars. Exhibition is always an option but I like the idea of ranked and its points

Thanks my guy. Work on that Sadira brother

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