Only having one Ultimate doesn't do this game Justices

This Video goes over the bulk of what I want to say so I’m just going to expand on it

Basically he goes over how that when we had that vote for stage Ultras Vs Ultimate it was over all silly that that vote even happen

witch I can agree, See I don’t get it when people remove a staple to a game In fact the the fact there was a vote for it confuses me as Stage kills (Aka knock offs in KI1 and KI2) where in the game along with Ultimate combos witch could be said that When KI3 (2013) When being made it had a tight deadline and short funds, witch is fair, but i’s 2016 the game has had three years to step it up (well 2.6 years really)

Also the game had No Mercies witch are just Fatalities, and can be put into the same boat.

The game has been doing well and keeps doing well, and even so I dislike a few things here and there, I can say I do like the game in fact I like KI as a whole (all the games) due to the fact the old a very special place in my childhood and heart, hell anyone who likes this game has Rare to thank for that.

With that being said having only one Ultimate combo in this game Is very disappointing.

And it falls under the same reason why I don’t want to by Starwars battlefront, Cuts out content that the games before it had for questionable, stupid or out right lazy reasons only to put it back in later as DLC when everyone wants it.

Again I know the game’s tight deadline and short funds, witch Again is fair but having a vote on witch can get into the game? Why not work on it with Season 3? Why let only one Season 1 fighter have the only ultimate in the game? Why was I forced to by KI gold with Shago making him ten dollars?

(I couldn’t have a option to get him alone? I see no point in game money for a fighting game, and the boosters did noting to make me want to by In game money, but that can be saved for a debate topic for later)

When I herd that Shago was the only one getting that ultimate I wasn’t even mad, I wasn’t even shocked, it’s sad to say that I saw it coming even before I found out about the video above.

And it makes me think : Why? Why limit ultimate to just one person? yes the stage ultras are nice but no where close to what you could have done with a ultimate for others.

Heck I can see Saberwulf just going full Feral and start to Rip apart the unlucky S.O.B who missed that one combo braker he really needed.

I can see Hype bream being over clocked and over Charged turning his target into Dust.

I’m sure we can all agree that we could see something with Jago Tapping into the power of the tiger for his.

Anyone Else wants to see a B. Orchid Jaguar Ultimate?

The list can even go on for Rash?

But there’s one thing in the video I’d have to Question, Another Funding?

Me? I’m not to sure about it, I’m purely in the middle, Yes the fans well be willing to fund it IF we must, But at this point in time I’m sure Microsoft Sees that this game as some ground to cover seeing how It was Explosive… and was a Exclusive I’m sure Microsoft can give this game the extra funds if requested.

Season 3 not having a ultimate for everyone is a bad move also seeing how KIm-Wu is next? yeah I’m sure everyone wants to see a brutal beat down with nun-chucks?

Also Sky stage in KI3?

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I hope IG don’t f*** it up. All we need for season 3 are ultimates for all the roster and Eyedol included to have KILLER matches against Gargos.

Alright. Perhaps they really hate Eyedol. But hey, how many times we worked on something we don’t really like? Please fix Eyedol to work as a good character for this game and keep the dream alive for all the old characters return and join the roster of new KI.

Let’s give Gargos some hard times.

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I would aree on that/ They already figured out how to get it working on all stages, why waste it with only one character?

On that note, I remember on an interview when Ultimates were mention, Adam said “CURRENTLY” Shago is the only one with an Ultimate. Which contrasted what was said on the stream when one of the other devs said;

Shago is the only one with an Ultimate in this "VIDEO GAME” "

Now I have no idea what this entails but Adam said that the future is unclear/stay-tuned/ etc.

Perhaps their’s still a chance Ultimates may make it to season3. But who knows. I hope we get Ultimates.

Also needs a better story mode as I think SEason one had the best story it felt ture to a KI story mode as season 2 was just unlock cut season that leads to one ending.

Season 3 can mix the to and make something better.

Sigh. The way Adam says it in the interview, I would be surprised if we DIDNT get Ultimates. Hopefully we get them, so the community can move on. Love you guys, but I’m getting a little bit tired of seeing Ultimate threads everywhere.

/carry on :slight_smile:

Well that’s one of my grapes with IG and a few other Dev teams, I could understand if Shago was never made playable, I would be happy because then no one could use a Ultimate in a in a player sense

But To do that with just one char is stupid to me, hell this lines up with E.A’s logic on why there’s no space battles in battlefront, Lack of story mode and painfully missed changes because a large number of people come in and settle for what’s given.

I don’t want to see that in games that I grown up with, yes I want new people to Join in and see why I liked it but at the same time I well hold the older games in place because they are the what I think you want to reach for in terms of game play when rebooting something.

So having fans vote on what to keep out of a game when a large number of people don’t even know what it is that they are cutting out (Seeing how KI was gone for years, that vote will always seem lazy in terms on finding a reason why to cut it out and cut comers).

something like Ultamates shouldn’t be cut out of the game because of a vote, It should have been cut out because Of making the game broken (with you can’t seeing how ultamates work on the same rules as a ultra)

And hardware limitations with I dear someone to say logically that is the reason.

so when you state

It doesn’t even shock me. :confused:

I doubt gargos for season 3…maybe season 4…but I highly doubt it for season 3

I was watching some old tusk footage from ki gold and saw his ultimate where a dinosaur eats the opponent. If IG or Microsoft are worried about keeping the Teen rating they could just show the dinosaur eating them whole (instead of bitting half their body)

Now that we have Tusk, the last thing I want from this game is Ultimates.
At least 1 for each character. 2 would be preferable, but I don’t want to push it.

I doubt they would even keep that as a ultimate if they ever did. Random Dino? Tusk should be the one to deal the final blow not an arbitrary creature