Only 2 brand new characters in S3... a bit of a bummer

I loved the trailer, I’m mad hype for Season 3, but there’s just one thing that bothers me… brand new characters.

In my opinion IG’s orginal character designs are among the best in the game, and they are the ones who bring new life to the game imo. As @TheKeits said, with new characters they can do whatever they want, try gamplay mechanics never seen before in a FG, run wild with ideas! That’s the part that hypes me up the most, keep wondering what the hell are they gonna come up with?

If the leak was real, we have only one more spot for a brand new character, which I think could be the real final boss (since gargos is dropping early).

Mira looks extremely awesome, she expands the lore of the game, that’s why I wanted more brand new original characters!

Guests are fine, but I feel like they shoul take “bonus characters” slots, and not take away main roster slots from IG’s immagination!

What do you people think?


Why would you hype up the shadow lord through S1 and S2 only for him not to be the final boss? Illogical.

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The final character could also be another guest, and since guests are non-canon it would make sense for Gargos to drop after Mira since he’d still be final canon character and they could make him the final boss at that point since none of the characters after him would have stories.

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hopefully not… that would make just 1 new character in season 3…

In a way the guests are new characters as well and fit what Keits said, though I do feel your pain and wish there was a couple more entirely original characters. IG did a great job with season 2.

I think the last slot is another guest, making 4 total, maybe and hopefully I’m wrong

I feel with you OP !! I was fairly disappointed to hear that there will be a 3rd guest character ( i freaking love gears of war btw ) just think that 2 guests would be more then enough … And well to see that Gargos take’s another slot in S3 didn’t amaze me either . It just doesn’t leave many surprises left . In S2 they went ham on character design look at our Rock, Ra or Sako . It was incredibly refreshing to see a fighting game try so many different things with it’s characters !

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I always thought Season 3 should be the last season. But I wouldnt mind just one more season filled with original characters!

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We can only hope.

Exactly bro, you do feel me:)

amen brotha

If Eyedol is the last character, there’s only 1 brand new character. Mira.

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that would be really sad, at least for me

Yeah but for marketing reasons they saved people. It’s a big deal that they get to slap Tusk and Kim Wu and Gargos on Season 3. Imagine if it was all new people. I think there’d be less hype. Like in Season 2 they got to slap TJ and Cinder on etc.

I’d love to see something like a jackle/hyde character where his instinct turns him into the other form, I think a character like that would be fun in terms of background, maybe he could play something like a light and heavy character depending on if instinct is active or not, that could mix up gameplay also.

They can add new characters in the Next killer instinct game after this season 3. Please lets stop this arguments

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Just No

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