Omen Dossier in Shadow Lords

The dossiers are still not dropping for Omen. I already have done 10+ playthroughs with Omen and not a single dossier. only unlocked 2 since Shadow Lords has launched.

Am I missing something?

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I’m currently at 71% for Omen, but 100% with everyone else not named Shin Hisako. The day 3.7 dropped, I got two Omen dossiers. I’ve played about ten or so hours since that day and no more Omen dossiers. It’s not just you.

it is very frustrating ,they refuse to drop, i am basically 100% with every other character besides Omen and Shin Hisako.
Just got 100% with Kilgore today but Omen just wont get any.

I’ve had the most success using Jago and playing his “Shadow Within” mission, but success is kinda relative. I got a dossier to drop twice in a row the day 3.7 dropped, but that’s it. Several play throughs later I’m still in the same spot.

Still have no idea how to get the Mask of the Ancients dossier to drop either. Kinda starting to get frustrated at that one (and the Omen’s for that matter).

I tried the mask of the ancients one, i read somewhere on the forums you had to have spinal on the team. I tried and i even gargos with spinal and only got the shadow lord price.

I wish IG/Microsoft were more straight forward with the requirements for these dossiers to drop

Well, I know that you “can” get the Mask of the Ancients consumable item by beating Shadow Lords on challenging difficulty with a little over 600,000 points (after beating Gargos, not before, as that’ll likely push you up in tot he 700K+ range).

Having said that, I’ve beaten Shadow Lords on challenging numerous times with a score of around 600K. I’ve been able to get the mask to drop twice. First time I used it with Spinal on his Eye of the Ancients mission. Nothing happened. It lasts for three rounds and nothing happened. No Mask of the Ancients dossier drop.

I still have one mask left, but I’m extremely hesitant to use it just in case it has something, anything to do with the Mask of the Ancients dossier. Mind you, I have no indication that this is the case. None whatsoever.

However, with Spinal, I used to get a mission that was actually called “Mask of the Ancients.” Since getting a mask in Shadow Lords, I no longer get this mission. It just doesn’t show up no matter how many times I play through with Spinal. One of my playthroughs actually went 100 rounds and this mission never showed up.

So yeah, some advice, some hint, or just flat out telling us how to get the Mask of the Ancients dossier from @rukizzel, @TotalJimkata or one of the other awesome @developers would be AMAZING.

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You are not the only one who thinks IG needs to explain the dossiers better. For example. I have all the Omen dossiers, and have had them sense the beta, but I can’t get a Jago dossier to save my life. I got one Jago dossier after 3 months of daily SL playing. I unlocked every mimmic character by playing SL and still would not get some of the dossiers.

I don’t picture them saying anything unless enough of us start posting all the issues we are having with the SL dossiers.

I managed to get all Jago dossiers but it took a while. its the omen dossiers that are just driving me up the walls.

Put Jago as Team captain and look for Shadow Within. That’s where I got all of my omen dossiers.

I am not trying to put down the help you are offering, because it is great. What you might not know is that for some of us there are dossiers that will not drop. Like I posted above, I had zero problems getting the omen dossier. He was one of the first characters I finished, but others can’t get a dossier for anything. They most likely get “scrolls of resurrection” instead. I get those all the time when I fight Jago instead of one of the dossiers that I need.

I am really starting to think there is a real bug with the dossier drops. Beyond just the drop rate.

I’m well aware than they don’t drop as often as we’d like. If I was implimenting an idea, it would be that when a mimic mission comes up, there would be a chance for it to be recon mission that guarantees a dossier for all present mimics. Have maybe a completion goal like, ultra the mimic and get a dossier who knows. Like the cult of gargos mission. But I’m slowly just playing and playing until I get them all. I’m at 84% so far.

Wait until you get to 95%. It will slow alot. I am at 97% now and 90% before the patch. It was very hard to get a dossier drop once you got above 90%. I did four 35 day runs and did not get a single dossier. The drop rate is better, but there are still problems people are having with the drops. When it takes 3 to 4 months of play to get one character’s dossier to drop.

Played for about five hours last night. Got another Omen dossier from “Shadow Within” Jago mission. Only one Omen dossier left! Oddly enough, when using Omen, I’ve never been able to get an Omen dossier to drop for the mission where he fights two Omens. Shadow Within seems to be the only way in the game to get Omen dossiers right now, which is crazy if that’s actually the case.

Also got one more Shin Hisako dossier, so I’m down to five total character dossiers left. One for Omen, four for Shin Hisako. Those, Mask of the Ancients, the new guardian dossiers and the new crimson guardian dossiers are all I have left.

So close yet so far. :slight_smile:

So Jago has to be captain?

which mode did you play in? Normal, Challenging or Godlike?

I can tell you definitively that Jago does NOT have to be your captain. He just has to be in your group. It also doesn’t matter which difficulty you play on. Play long enough and you should get “Shadow Within” to pop up.

Like I said, the probability of getting a dossier to drop isn’t high, but it’s all I’ve seen so far that actually gets them to drop at all.

well that mission popped up, i beat omen and got nothing. the game is definitely bugged

Start a new SL team with Jago on it and play through again until you get that mission. I don’t think it’s a bug, I think the drop rate is just insanely low. That in an of itself might be a bug, but who knows. Either way, like I said, I’ve done that mission TONS of times and I only have a few Omen dossiers to show for it. I got two off of Omen shadows as well. Man… Quite the slog to get these last few. :unamused:

alright, will keep trying. thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

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Yeah the drop isn’t guaranteed, but it’s just where I got mine. I wish there was guaranteed dossier missions.

I can not even find omen dossier :frowning: