Omen color 2 and 3 are almost the exact same now

I see that omens colors/effects have been updated and they look really really good, but his yellow is practically gone now and is identical to the orange color. I loved his yellow color and picked it a lot. Like I said the effects look way better, but the yellow needs to come back so it’s not the same as the orange color.

I would say change the orange to green instead. He has too many warm colors imo.

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Were the FX actually changed, I thought they just brightened the colors.

Basically the colors were brightened but the effects do look a little heavier/enhanced. He looks better other than color 2 and 3 being identical. I wonder why they would do that ?

It might just be my TV but they don’t look identical to me, one is a rich yellow and the other is more of a peachy orange. They look the way they did before but with the color saturation cranked up to 11.

Not identical but way closer now than they did before. The yellow has taken on a much more orange- Ish hue than before. Maybee it was just my tv but before, the yellow color was more of like a straight up primary color yellow.

Try playing a match in the pinnacle with colors 2 and 3 they look a little more than similar to me however I still like them way better than they used to be.

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Yeah see I feel the exact same way. Like I said, they are very very similar; almost identical on certain stages, but I too think he just looks better in general now.

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Which is why I wish he’d get more colors and accessories instead of essentially five colors since two of them look almost identical to each other but at least we are making progress.

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I noticed the colors are almost the same now too… As far as more accessories and things… people seem to forget that Omen was a free bonus character.

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I just went to have a look for myself because when I looked at them the other day, they didn’t look similar. IMO, they still don’t. Color 2 is much, much brighter than color 3, and even though I do see a bit of the orange hue that you guys are talking about, I always saw color 3 as being closer to being a shade of tan or brown rather than being anything remotely close to a dull orange (which is what I’d call it if I’d even consider it to be orange). So, no, I do not agree with you guys, and IMO, there is no reason to worry - the 2 colors are worlds apart. That being said, as someone suggested, I certainly wouldn’t mind having a bright green Omen. :wink: