Omega Mode in KI?

Has there been any thought of adding an Omega type mode to KI (Similiar USF4)? I think it will help break the monotony of playing Ranked/Exhibitions and give players another option. Also, maybe this mode could attract new and old players.

In terms of the mode itself; I have several ideas. I was curious of the thoughts of everyone here and what other ideas this might bring.

Omega Mode:

  • New/Different moves for existing characters (Number of possiblities here, Aganos DP??)
  • Unlimited shadow counters (Not infinite shadow meter) or possible
    seperate rechargaing shadow counter meter
  • Removal of combo breakers (GASP! A fundamental item of KI)
  • Removal of combo breaker means everyone gets a reduction of damage
    between 15% to 30% or the damage levels could be limited to just two
    and/or reduce KV meter
  • Different color filters to existing stages/characters
  • Removal of normal move canceling into shadow moves
  • Instinct no longer 0 zero frames (Maybe 5-8 frames)
  • Instinct changed to one super move for damage
  • Or full shadow meter can used for super move

I wouldn’t say that the mode would need to consist of all these changes. Maybe just a couple (Such as unlimited shadow counters and removing combo breakers/reduction of overall damage).


LOL But in all Seriousness, I don’t know if that Idea would go through, due to KI already feeling like an Omega Mode, where anything is possible.

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If it’s a mode in which combobreakers don’t exist I think it’s a mode I won’t even play. Cause I sure as hell don’t the MVC3 experience all over aain :U

This should go way below the list.

I think offering a looser playstyle where your not locked into combos, would make for an interesting mode.

Street fighter style with no autos/linkers/etc. Just general cancels and links.