Old "ULTRAAAAA" Sound clip -presumably- missing?

Hey there, so… i got KI finally downloaded (another forum topic for another time).

but here’s what i’m confused about, I’m doing double ultra’s with Tusk and Kim Wu and Shadow Jago and the like… but i dont hear the famous “ULTRAAAAAAAAAA” when i DO do a double ultra…

its as if it isnt there…

I would like to query as to where the heck this has gone…

see sound clip here.

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Its a Season 3 bug that has been pointed out before.

I believe there has also been developer confirmation that it will be fixed soon, but im not 100% positive about that.


I really hope they get on it.

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i hope they get it fixed too… because there isn’t anything more orgasmic, as to when you get the over-reactive sounds of an announcer screaming out your accomplishments of a double ultra combo to finish off the enemy… The enemy helpless, writhing in agony as he watches you pummel his behind down into the ground with a 80 - 120 Double or even Triple Ultra…

i miss the rewarding sounds of achieving such…

I love your intense diatribe haha

Vielen Dank an dich


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Wait…is this you Flutter?

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It needs to come back. asap!
i play lobbies against friends and we do lots of double ultras just to hear ULTRAAAAA, but its not there anymore. kinda sucks. hope IG fix this very soon.


Im not touching on s3 too much because of that, believe me or not.
Its a important piece of ki missing.

Im waiting more the Ultraaaaa scream back than Mira or any other update…

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Why not positive?
Sound director said on my thread that they are looking into it.

Do u think they will not fix?

I just didn’t remember.

NOW I am 100% positive.



Thankies to all


i much prefer that version of Ultra as it sounds more brutal, like you totally devestated your opponent. really sad that its bugged :frowning:

as of the latest update, it is fixed! :slight_smile:

Can We close this now? It’s fixed.

already flagged it up with staff. They’ll close it when they can :slight_smile:

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