Old School KI BOSS for S3

I don’t know about you guys but I really wasn’t feeling Aria as a final boss character for KI. She just didn’t feel super cheap or annoying or frustrating to play against and didn’t take multiple trys to beat kinda like Shadow Jago, Gargos and Idol did; in other words she wasn’t really a boss in my opinion. If Gargos truly is returning for S3 and is the boss character he should feel cheap and annoying and be a real boss character. Give him a move set that is different than the player version. A move set that makes me want to pull my hair out and throw my fight stick out the window.

I just loved the old school days as a little kid struggling for hours to beat the final boss and getting pissed off at the stupid laugh every single time Gargos got all his health back muhahahaha

Gargos needs to be super BOSS material

Yes to old school boss fights.

I want him AND a cool CG movie before and after fighting him. Too much Spinal now, uh sorry, I mean bear bones.

I don’t really see her as a final boss, but mostly because I think like only two characters actually face her as a boss lol unles I’m just remembering wrong. She seems like a boss to me though, gameplay wise for sure.

Lol yea they deliberately avoided this with ARIA. I’m a bit torn about this. Because I think I like the way Shago was done as final boss. Like. Technically the Final Boss was Fulgore and Shago was the secret boss. A super hard version of Gargos would be awesome, but I’d prefer it as a secret boss type thing. But then if that’s the case I dunno if the regular boss would be someone else, or the playable, balanced version of Gargos.
An Idea I’ve been pretty fond of lately is having Gargos be the boss and a super hard Eyedol as a secret boss (or maybe vice-versa?).

F***ing love the music!!!
awesome!! The music makes me even more hyped! :smile:

Two movesets is probably a relatively simple way to go if Gargos is going to be playable. I think the difference between Shadow Jago and Aria is that SJ was never originally intended to be playable, so they focused on traditional “Boss” mechanics. With Aria, she was always intended to be playable, and they might not have had time to work on two move sets for her.

With the downtime between seasons, and knowing we will have at least 3 characters at S3 launch, maybe they’re budgeting time in a way which would allow both a Boss and playable moveset for Gargos.

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I think people begging for TRUE STOOOOORY killed it for season 2. The needs of the narrative dictated the structure of story mode, which ruled out a traditional arcade boss battle.

Disappointing, because you know the inspiration for ARIA was to make a traditional boss character with an absurd moveset, i.e. have her in combined form even outside of instinct when faced as a boss, and then for the playable version carve that moveset apart into separate bodies so that players could access each of her moves (unlike Shago) whilst still keeping the character balanced. I’m kinda holding out hope for an arcade mode or a boss runback mode where you can face ARIA in this form.

@CrazyLCD What about the Same moveset as the Playable version, but more like SF4’s boss battles? Sure, it is the same, but Overly powered, and normal combos that wouldn’t normally combo in the game happen.

Gargos - final boss
Eyedol - sub boss

I’m of the opinion that Gargos should be the final boss, but Eyedol should feature somewhere - maybe as this “super secret boss” idea that others are suggesting. However, if you’re going to do that, please don’t make the goal impossible to complete (really difficult to complete if you don’t have vision) - you can’t tell if you’ve got all the endings as the music I believe might have been the same. Make it difficult, yes, but not totally insurmountable.

As for Aria, I disagree with the theory that she’s not “super cheap” or “frustrating to fight against”, she is both of those things and more especially if you have no sight whatsoever. I know I might play that card once too often on these forums, but it’s a perspective that most (generically, not in this forum specifically), don’t consider. Aria has crossups that you don’t hear coming, as well as unblockable projectiles that go through anything. She technically has 3 different move sets, and the current lack of cues as to which body she’s in still make it as much of a guessing game, every second of the round.

(If any of the above information is felt to be incorrect, I would happily discuss this in a separate thread of via PM).

Aria is a good concept for a character, but something about her doesn’t feel boss-ish enough, as it were. I don’t know what it is though.

I think there should be a scene for each character (with sounds and music) before the boss fight and after, to give that real arcade feel. This is why I wanted to see “continue” return as an announcement in arcade modes and CPU battle modes - to harken back to the older games.

Unblockable? I’m pretty sure everything ARIA does, with the exception of her standard throw, can be blocked.

Maybe there isn’t an obvious audio cue on her dissonance projectile that occurs soon enough for you to reaction block it? (There’s a lengthy startup on the move, but the projectile itself crosses the screen virtually instantly.) Or maybe you’re not crouch-blocking the low version of dissonance, and it seems unblockable because you’re not expecting a projectile to hit low?

Nah, it’s totally understandable, I hope you keep at it.

Thanks for the tips. Her Back HK projectile, as Fulgore, can be teleported out of (if you’re lucky), I’ve tested that one myself. You’re right though, the first clue you get is the bleeping noise of the launch happening. I wonder if this would be a good thing to file under “audio things that could be fixed/changed to make it more equal” or similar :smiley:

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