Old/New Shadow moves effect switch

For both XBOX and Windows versions, i think should be an option to switch between the look of Shadow moves effect. i seen many opinions around to support that suggestion and i am sure that most of KI players would be pleased with it.
Thank you for your time <3


I am Windows 10 player but from what I heard, before S3 every character had different shadow trail, now everyone has same purple one for no reason, sounds like step backwards imo.

I whish the colors were based on the the players color palette or at least the specific character.

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It wasn’t that everyone had a different shadow effect, it was simply that the VFX was like a smudged watercolor paining. It smeared the color of the character’s body outward into the smoke visualization.

The reason it was changed was because in season 3 the focus on shadows was really high unlike in previous season so there was a need to solidify that purple = shadow energy. The meters were changed from blue to purple, the shadow effects were changed to reflect this, Spinals skulls were changed to reflect this.

Overall I think it was a good decision and I don’t really miss the old look at all. We have shadow lords, shadow skins, shadow mode, shadows are purple so its only logical shadow moves would be too.

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Yeah, but as a side note I would really dig if each character had his own color of EX moves, Gargos and Eyedol would have purple to reflect the “shadows” emphasis.

That’d be cool in a visual sense, but that’d be a technical and gameplay problem.

As cool as it would be, the devs confirmed that the old effect is gone. Probably as in, they don’t have it any more. They might be able to make it again, but I don’t think they will.

I kinda doubt if it will make a big difference. While its true that some people like the old ones, others will probably stick to the purple ones.

I’ll admit that even if they did reinvent them back into the game, I still wouldn’t use the old ones. I really like how the purple shadows make a neat flow on almost all the characters’ shadow moves and give off a sense of ‘darkness’ that possess them. Whereas the olds one were simply darken duplicated smudges of the characters shadow moves that, while they give off cool colors, only had a small presence and were easily ignorable.

Yep. I’m not so cool with those purple shadows. They should be black 100%. Its not enjoyable visually to the point you don’t really get used to it for too long. It was said it was because Gargos’ influence but anyway. Characters like Jago, Kim-Wu these shouldn’t be affected at all storywise. RAAM has this kind of black effect going on on him. And it looks way better in my opinion. Purple arent the best choice in terms of color. Its associated with toxin, putrid gas, dead meat, corpses, decease. Its like a dead color if ask me. So please make shadow effect look nice again cause its not. Black is the thing and it goes with everything.