Old Eyedol suggestion thread from the previous Ultra-combo forums

Thanks to the Waybackmachine I’ve managed to recover some of the posts from our old Eyedol community suggestion thread, after being asked I figured I’d bring them here so we could continue the discussion.

Please feel free to read through the old thread and revisit some of these lost community concepts and add to them.

Some of us were having a discussion in the Keits interview thread about how to make Eyedol “cool” since it seems IG is having trouble and it was a little off topic so I wanted to post here so we could continue the conversation. I didn’t come up with all of these, they’re just a compilation of all the thoughts expressed in the thread, I really think we were onto something.

What we had come up with was making Eyedol a stance based fighter, one for each of his heads. Primarily having an offensive and defensive persona for each.

  • Give Eyedol two stances, one per head. Each stance having a varying moves and abilities.
  • One head could be an offensive fighting style, the other more of a defensive one.
  • The offensive head would wield his trademark club, the defensive a shield
  • Offensive stance could have more of a rushdown feel while the defensive being more… well defensive.
  • Offensive head might sacrifice the ability to block entirely in exchange for armor on attacks, forcing an aggressive playstyle.
  • Offensive head could have more mid-ranged poking and hard hitting swings/uppercuts.
  • Defensive might have some creative command grabs when he gets close.
  • Defensive head could make use of Eyedol’s classic projectile reflection ability with the shield.
  • The shield head could be given Eyedol’s old health regen stomp for very limited healing when blocking.
  • Instinct mode could allow for aspects of both to be used at once, making him a terror for a short time.
  • The head in “use” could have a visual effect to show what stance he is in.
  • (different colored eyes, one sleeping/nodding head, etc.)
  • Nobody wants Eyedol to be a “boss”, we want him balanced and playable as a regular fighter.
  • Eyedol should stay huge, not Golem huge but still big and preferably fast too.


  • Make each head a different playstyle. Rushdown/zoning etc. for a hybrid character type.
  • Make him a standalone character if he can’t be worked into the story.
  • Give each head its own shadow meter, not unlike Maya’s daggers as well as one move that uses both.
  • Give him clothing and armor to cover potentially awkward anatomy issues.
  • Possibly use the leg stomp regen as a command move in his instinct.
  • When Eyedol speaks have both heads talk in unison, maybe one deep voiced and one high pitched.
  • When he speaks have him use words like “we” instead of I, like Venom from Spiderman.
  • Let Eyedol retain his classic mythological roots, it is one vein they have yet to tap in-game.
  • He could be a boss/sub-boss in season 3 depending on characters played and if Gargos is present.
  • Fireballs, Leap-smash, projectile reflect should return.
  • For his story: Omen summons Gargos, ARIA has to summon Eyedol to combat him.
  • Cements Eyedol/Ultratech connection.
  • Introduce a new type of meter, since Gargos is likely the source of shadow energy.
  • Eyedol could be the source of the new power.
  • Give Eyedol spiked demon armor, strong, metallic, aggressive looking armor.


"This is better than 95% of the two-headed concepts out there, so now it’s a question of scale that makes or breaks this design. Is he as big as Glacius? 1.5x? 3x? There’s a sweet spot with a design like this that scale helps push something out of silly simply because of mass.

Overall I think it’s a good take on OG Eyedol. Waist down, the satyr part still throws me, but that’s not the fault of the artist, just the original design at work."


Wow, talk about a blast from the past!
While I couldn’t find my old posts because not all the pages of the thread were archived, but one idea that I remember coming up a couple of times was since Gargos uses shadow energy, Eyedol should use another energy source such as “light” energy(to be opposite of gargos)