Okay I'm a cheater now!

A good argument can be made that CAM is a net disadvantage for the user, but it’s not because of gimped damage. You sacrifice no in-combo damage for using it, and one of the CAM enders is generally your damage one.

@FreewillMeteor1 I honestly wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you want to get better at the game without Combo Assist Mode, then by all means turn it off and learn as much as you can. You’ll find in decently short order that doing combos in KI is actually pretty trivial, so in the long run CAM doesn’t make much difference at all. It’s a factor at lower levels certainly, but once you hit even intermediate levels of play you’ll find that dropping combos simply isn’t much of a thing.

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The reason combo assist isn’t cheating is that combos happen automatically at the mid and high levels, anyway. It only solves a problem faced by beginners.

The reason why combo assist isn’t that much of a help is that a lot of higher play in KI revolves around mind games within the combos themselves and not so much on whether or not you can do 5 qcf->p moves in a row. The combo breakers, counter breakers, restarting a combo, faking them out on every turn…that stuff can absolutely wreck someone using CAM…because people typically using it aren’t doing so to think strategically about how they play the game, and that lack of strategy keeps them, for lack of a better term, a scrub.

moar players = moarr fighting games!

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Jump heavy kick, sweep them, throw them (like a lot).
When they are waking up neutral jump and hit them when falling, or neutral jump twice to avoid being thrown.
Meaty them on their wake up: hit a button, changes from character yo character, that will hit them before they can touch any button, if they wake up hitting you or throwing you check your timing again.
Oh, very important: keep like two body range and when they jump punish them (either you dp, or find something that knocks your enemy out of the que: eg. Jagos crouching Heavy Punch).

Disagree - You still have to know what you’re doing, I use it and it helps with hit confirms amongst other things that are harder to do without it if you can’t see. As a player with no sight, personally I’d say it’s improved my game plan - learnt a new version of a combo I’d been doing for ages but kept getting broken on. The only reason I learnt it? Combo assist.

Glad there are supporters.

Combo assist doesn’t do anything for you other than make mashing a full combo come out. It doesn’t apply to neutral, or let you do proper setups or string complex combo’s that are very hard to break. Anyone using combo assist is extremely vulnerable to resets and throws. Combo assist makes the game easy to play but you won’t learn anything. You can play Ode De Joy on a single string, that’s combo assist. With out combo assist, you can play Ode De Joy in multiple strings with scales, arpeggios and chords. One is harder, but it is definitely a lot more functionally sound once completed. Go into exhibition and find a Killer Rank player and take them on with Combo Assist. It won’t be as easy as you think.

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