Okay I'm a cheater now!

alright i was in lobby game my opponent played perfectly he doesn’t even have too much level anyway. i was wondering how he could be play pefrectly i found the answer i turn on my combo assist and i start to play better and i win the match. the point is can we get rid-off this combo assist just remove it. when i play with combo assist and win the game i felt like cheating 0 skill just r*tarded way to play the game! especially new players like me they keep playing with combo assists and when they win the game they think they are good at the game sadly fact they aren’t!

That you decided to put on Combo Assist is not the game’s fault. It’s a tool you can you, and if you feel guilty from using it, it’s your own damn fault for using it in the first place.


from the beginning i didin’t use combo assist i just realize how they could be play so perfect. they need to just remove from the game i cant tell difference play skill or combo assist

combo assist cripples your damage potential, its disadvantageous for user.


newest players be like smash monkeys imagine what will happend when this game released on steam. im new player i’m not gonna use combo assist thing i just wanted to be good skilled player. when i turn it on i just wanted to test it!

Not to mention that the main important elements in the gameplay are Combo Breakers and Counter Breakers. If you get those right, it doesn’t matter if you use Combo Assist as it has no effect on those.

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Combo Assist is not going to magically turn a new player into a top level competitor. Calm down.

obvious! but it’s come to new to new it becomes annoying. it doesn’t turn a new player into a top level competitor but sameway it doesn’t gonna teach anything to new player!

If a new player wants to learn how to play the game, then they won’t use the Combo Assist. But if they don’t want to learn and just want to make easy combos and have fun by doing cool sh#t, then why would you want to take that away from them?

Not all players want to become EVO material. Some play fighting games just for fun.
This isn’t about other players though. This is about you.

As in you need to learn to get better at the game, you need to learn to do Combo and Counter Breakers, you need to practise so you can win over those who might use the Combo Assist.

Doing combos in KI is easy. Combo Assist just makes it easier. But that’s not what the actual gameplay is about. It’s about the Combo and Counter Breakers. If you can do those, then it doesn’t matter who uses the Combo Assist.


It’s for people that want to play a fighting game, without learning all the complicated stuff a fighting game requires. It’s a great tool for people that are playing casually. You are limited in what you can do. Without Combo Assist, my disabled friend wouldn’t be able to play with me in this game. And for that, I’m grateful.

Plus, a lot of games are doing this to cater to casuals more. Trust me, you want this kinda stuff in fighting games. More casuals means more exposure, which also means more players.


this assist allows for me to play with my kids and dare i say lose a few from time to time. Also, when they play each other the battles are somewhat epic, its like watching a evo match. i’d be very upset if the feature was removed despite not ever using it my friend.


Guilty Gear Xrd has something alike it called “Stylish” mode.

I love fighting games, but a lot of my friends aren’t all that into it or very good at it, so after a couple of matches they grow bored and don’t wanna play the game anymore, because they aren’t as invested in getting to learn every special move, combos and setups with each character.

However, when playing with these modes, they actually have fun! They see all this cool sh#t happening on screen when they’re pushing a few buttons, and they get a chance to actually beat the crap out of me! And we have a wonderful time playing together.

I love that, being able to share the games I like with my friends without them being discouraged of playing them because of the steep learning curve most fighting games have.

anybody learn combos from tutorial section or KI videos from youtube. i’m tekken player i learn the game by myself trying or watching videos from youtube.you think you are making cool moves but you are just pressing the random buttons with combo assists. well you know what they are says “no pain no gain”

None of my real life friends play tutorials in games.

Ki really isn’t a game where you have to learn combos from videos and tutorials though because even without combo assist the basic combo system is universal across the whole cast.

Didn’t you just say in the top post that you got your @ss handed to you by someone using the Combo Assist, and you had to turn it on yourself to be able to win over him?

And now you whine about it being a…

… mode where you just smash buttons to play and doesn’t make you a good player.


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exactly my point its r*tarded let people learn by self trying or watching youtube videos. i win the game i was like dafuq i just done felt like a cheater 0 skill

Then you just have to get better so you can defeat those who use it, instead of running to the forum and whine about how you got your @ss handed to you by someone with 0 skill.

Maybe instead, ask for tips from people how to do so. Maybe watch a youtube video about it that explains how you defeat someone who uses Combo Assist. I bet they say the same as we’ve told you.

you didint understand the point but whatever. well guess we have to wait steam version.

What was the point then? Please explain it to me.