Ok, now I REALLY want Ultimates for Everyone

Finally just now got a chance to buy Shago - first impression is that he turned out amazing.

Naturally after seeing his Ultimate, I want to see the same for every character, because his turned out fantastic, while still staying within that teen rating.

(His Ultra is great too!)


I absolutely agree with you 100% on that man :smile: :sunglasses:


To me his Ultimate looks like ■■■■ compared to the Ultimate’s in the Classic KI’s.

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Thank goodness for that, we wouldn’t want something as juvenile as some of those. …and before you question that, I’ve been gaming since Pong and Pac-Man, and SF2 came out when I was in high school.

Juvenile!?, Those Ultimate’s were the ■■■■. And to be honest if I’d known beforehand that KI was not going to be kept the way it was when being brought back with so called modern graphics, Then I never would have downloaded the game let alone bought an Xbone. And also someone at my workplace plus many others also agree with me.

If they use great cinematics and close ups to show the strength of each characters unique powers yes, but it’s been said Shago is the only one and track record proves its most likely not happening.

I imagine if an ultimate were to happen for Orchid, a lot of her combo trailer shots would suffice as her close up of her performing Ichi Ni San and the Flik Flak in slow motion against the black background, startup of ultimate, along with the final move of her shadow firecat only to set the loser on fire as in KI 2.

There without having to reanimate anything, using DH original animations

Please clarify how many others and where I can discuss it with them.
I sense extreme exaggeration, a sense of clouded nostalgia - especially since you state you never would have bought an Xbox One when you know perfectly well that KI classic and KI2 are available on it.
It would be fun to take a copy of Shago’s ultimate back in time to the original Rare devs and ask them if they would chose it over turning an opponent into a frog and stomping on them. I think I could guess which they would pick.

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That’s where the creativity comes in, and I think they could handle it.

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As do I dude 100 percent with on that.

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I agree witht that. It’d be great to have ultimates especially since I’m looking for something to get hyped about season 3.
Don’t worry I’m still gonna get it just looking for something.

Season 1 got me hyped as it was the sign of KI’s return
Season 2: Riptor making her return.
Season 3: ???

need something to look forward to.

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For once bro I 101% percent this. lol

But at the same time, I can understand if they have to wait until after season3 to do em. The real poibt is, I just want Ultimates and they should get that stuff in sooner or later.

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If we have to wait afterwards then we shall wait.

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Bump. agreed. It would be great.

Having ultimates would be amazing. I’m still trying to find stuff to be hyoped for season 3 but perhaps if we are lucky, they will do it after season 3.

Doesn’t look promising, at least for ultimates.

Even SFV v trigger close ups and KOF special move close ups are amazing

Look at Tekken 7 rage close ups. Ultimates aren’t needed if someone would design the current special moves or instinct moves in an artistic way

We will still see KI in the rear with barely-there instinct and accessories are your favorite Halloween masks

Does anyone like the DLC costumes for ultra SF PS4?

I’m praying Kim Wu will at least have different heads as accessories, not a mask or just a sock color change