Ok. Kim Wu's Theme is ridiculous

You can never really get a good feel for these things in trailers. I started to hear some impressive stuff on one of the last streams like 2 weeks ago, but wow. They should / should have released an arranged version of all the S3 character music already.


Is it that good? I won’t click the video as I want to experience it myself in game lol I am pretty excited to hear it. Does it compare to Mick Gordon’s work on the first 2 Seasons, in your opinion?

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Sounds awesome

If you’ve listened to the music in the trailer…you have only heard a small fraction of what the track offers. I’m really excited to hear the others now.

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that ■■■■■■ chorus lol. thrash beat mixed with korean lullaby/rap and it somehow works. wtf lol

I had not heard this yet, but damn, I love what celldweller and AP have done on this, while season 1 and 2 felt more rock and were micks own, its nice for them to change artists