Offline PC characters

Hello, just curious on if there will be an update on offline PC support for the game. By that I mean having all the characters available instead of only riptor. Its a possibility that it’s cause the game is syncing with the xbox or just your account in order to play on PC online but I think there should be a way to make this possible. Thanks in advance

I was able to get access to all of my characters when playing offline.

Try making sure the location on your Win10 settings is set to the right one, sync the clock to the online server and turn on the windows firewall. If you’re on the latest windows and game update before going offline it should work and give you access to all of your content in offline mode.

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Thank for replying, I will try that out and let you know if it worked or not

I can only use riptor when i was offline. Work from you what @TheFawz said ??

Sorry for bad english kkk