Official Release Leak for season 3 March 24

i just find this i hope is true


if this pic is legit, I bet IG is pisssed. under the killer instinct description it says double helix. I think this is an old pic tho.

may be because i bet for the 03/16/2016

dude it says double helix under the description lol.

yea maybe is amistake… if in any case is the official release date

Double Helix (I think) I still credited in the Xbox Store as well.

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It’s probably from a previous year. I wouldn’t put any stock into it…

ya, better to be safe I guess. the flip side of the coin however does have a remastered resident evil 4,5 and 6 coming from last gen to the current one. take it with a grain of salt? U bettcha. totally dismiss it? heh, not so sure. kinda funny the screen cap is from an IMac. lol that or that garbage UI for Windows stardock

To be fair though if I go to the killer instinct homepage on my xbox it still says double helix as developers too, always thought that was weird that IG wasnt added.

Well if it’s not true someone will just come on here and confirm it as false like the previous fake release dates. If no one comes on here to deconfirm it then it’s the right date. Either way we only have to wait two more days for proper confirmation so meh towards leaks.

Or they just not say anything since the guessing game thread was locked already.

How is this official?

Its not, but there is nothing to say it isnt.

I wouldn’t bet on it. Who knows? Tuesday, we will know everything.

You have to open it to read it the whole description - basically its saying Double Helix is the original creators and is now being supervised by IG.

Makes sense, not saying for sure.

One, Guessing game thread closed.

Two, Halo article by Grim on Waypoint says to see more of Arbiter watch the tournament or something like that on March 20th or so…

Three, we have two more background stories to go and heck we still haven’t seen Arbiter’s stream.

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It couldn’t be more obvious that s3 would launch late March in pretty sure it’s legit

I think it may be legit because they just announced that the XB1 and PS4 would be getting RE 4,5, and 6 soon

Misleading thread title. This is not an official leak of any kind. It’s just a website putting up what could very well be a placeholder release date. Amazon does this all the time. I don’t believe a single thing until I hear it from MS or IG.

I’m with KaliniuS on this one. It could be placeholder for the moment. Take it with a grain of salt people till we get some real info. On second thought, it could be legit and the Devs might’ve been on edge about the leak happening. Idk. My two cents I guess.