Official New KI comic series


Wonder when Orchid, TJ and Maya will reunite with the gang/heroes?

Will the comics give birth to some new characters?

I love to see Sabrewulf make a return speaking human as Marvel’s Beast. Mira vs Sabrewulf please.


… this is a graphic novel?


I think he means where they combine all the comics in to one thick book with thicker glosssy pages? My Dark Souls comics are like that…you can buy all 5 seperate issues or buy the graphic novel and they are all together in 1 book.


Ah. Makes more sense then.

I consider Comics graphic novels regardless. But that would make more sense.


Thats just how I interpret it anyway. THere could be a more defined defintiion but Im not really sure.




How many more comics does KI have to do after 6th issue?


Nope, next KI comic is final issue.


I just hope with the final issue, they’ll make a graphic novel right?


They likely well. Most trades/graphic novels are collections of a six issue story arc. It would make sense as trades sell well enough to justify printing – particularly for smaller, independent comics.


When would be a good date to make a graphic novel after the final issue?


Look who’s emerging from the Astral Plane on the 4th!



at this time the series was set for 6 volumes… the 6th issue is the last. for the time being sadly :<


Man, mine has already downloaded, and I’m too nervous to find out how it’ll all end

Edit: Okay, just went and read it and…it was not as bad as I expected, although it does leave the possibility of a new KI in the works, IJS


Honestly I’m not sure how to feel about that ending. It was kind of what I was expecting but at the same it felt a bit too open ended. Overall I’m satisfied though, can’t wait to see what’s next for the future of KI.


does fulgore (the eagle one) make an appearance or do anything in the comics?


Read the final issue. From someone who has read a lot of comics, a short and sweet review would be that it is competent. These six issues are not great, they maybe cover too much ground in too little time, and the artwork is fair. The fight scenes are relatively clear, but the characters are drawn stiffly without much excitement.

There are a lot of neat story ideas here to pursue both for future comics or even the next KI. The anatomy of the characters isn’t bad or grossly inconsistent. The dialog could be much, much worse. It is better than many other comic tie-ins.

Overall, for KI fan it is a good read. But this isn’t serious stuff either. And to be honest, that’s okay.


Yeah the pacing felt so rushed, there was little to no build up to the climax so the final issue didn’t leave a strong impact. Also, the story tidbits with Mira/The Tsar/Aria were completely thrown to the wayside although it’s very possible that we might see a new 6 issue series with other characters like Orchid, TJ, Thunder, etc.


That twist where Aganos revealed his true form really caught me off guard.

After reading the all the comics one of the most glaring issues for me was the way that Kim Wu was drawn from volume three onwards. She didn’t even look vaguely asian in those issues.


Don’t even get me started on the character designs. Tusk stayed the most true to his video game counterpart (except he’s shorter in the comics) but Jago continuing to be unmasked, hair grown and wearing jeans was so out of place. For Kim Wu it’s like the artist couldn’t make up his mind on a particular look.

Also, the lack of tattoo consistency just felt lazy. I understand artists cut some corners in certain panels but seeing as how the medium of comics is primarily digital, as an artist myself I would assume it can’t be that difficult to even so much as to copy and paste their tattoos properly.