Official New KI comic series


What does the tsar look like?


I’ll PM you a screenshot to avoid spoilers.


It would be waste if Reborn Gargos get killed by Jago, Tusk, and Kim Wu in next issue. His design is super awesome than previous design, and they better not kill off him in next issue. I really want to see Reborn Gargos in next KI game.

I wonder will they announcement new KI sequel after KI comic final issue coming out?


How many characters are in the comics? So far Jago, Kim Wu & Tusk.

Are Orchid, TJ & Maya in them?


Off the top of my head, Jago, Kim Wu, Tusk, Cinder, ARIA, Aganos, Glacius, Eagle, Fulgore, Kan-Ra, SPOILER Gargos , and Mira, with brief flashbacks to Shadow Jago and Hisako.

I wonder if any of the other favorites will make a surprise appearance in issue #6? :thinking:



I just hope Orchid, TJ & Maya can meet up with them. We need ALL the heroes!

Sabrewulf, Thunder, Sadira, Spinal, Riptor, Omen, Kilgore & Shin Hisako are missing.

Or has Hisako finally rested in peace?


Omen was shown in the flashbacks but only briefly.


I knew that I’d forget someone! :sweat_smile:

Seriously, there are crap tie-in comics, and there are ones like Volume 1 of Dynamite’s Killer Instinct: Issues 1-5 have been on point when it comes to showcasing the world of KI and its iconic fighters, while expanding on the lore with a genuinely entertaining story and art. Getting a few of the stellar issue variants has been a cherry on top for me! :ice_cream:

I wonder if there’s any way that Dynamite Comics and Microsoft Game Studios would be willing to collaborate to make a second volume after issue #6 hits shelves later this month… I’d love to read more! :books:


PS. @kamenriderzer02 Giving Riptor a special shout-out in this volume’s final issue would be a sweet send-out in my book! :t_rex:


I hope the rest of the fighters to be in the comics. I so wish for more.

Expand KI!!!


Where do I buy the real comics? Are they out in Canada?


Just an FYI, issue #6 just got pushed back to April 4th.


Wow, good catch! :expressionless: (Blarg)



Unless I missed something, Eyedol is missing in the present time too. Most of the folks in the flashbacks took me a few looks to catch, like Combo and Orchid. It would be interesting to see more characters show up outside of flashbacks so we can know what they are up to.

I do kinda wonder about Hisako though. She transformed into Shin Hisako when she shed her wrath and vengeance, but I wonder if (in maybe a possible sequel) we might get original Hisako as a being created from the emotional energy left behind when she turned into Shin Hisako? Something like how Shadow Jago became his own thing from the energy left after Omen got evicted from Jago’s body?


I just got a great deal on a “lot” of the new comics issues 1-5, 1st edition prints for $22 off Ebay from Colorodo Comics! Ive been looking for all available issues on Amazon, Ebay and comic sotres but no one until today has had all 5 issues. There was always one missing or one not availabe in paperback. (usually only digital availabe on Amazon)

So now I will have the complete collection of the old comics from 1994 and the new comics from present day. At least until issue #6 and beyond come out.

I do wish I could choose what cover I like best though. Some of the alternate covers are super cool and finding a store that allows you to view and choose between all 6 covers really isnt availabe that I have seen.

Anyone know of a vendor that sells all cover variations that you can view and choose from?


How many issues for KI comics?


Which series? the 94 series has 5 issues and a mini issue.
The new series is up to 6 or 7 right now I believe.


Behold!!! A large portion of my Killer Instinct Museum!!! My 5 new KI comics came in today so I had to lay them all out from 94-2018 and snap a pic…or two! lol
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Is there a graphic novel for KI?


I’m not much of a collector, but that’s cool to see man.


Not that I know of…but that would be cool if they put all the comics into one novel. Now there is a guy on here that made his own novel from the KI novela. There is a thread around here somewhere. he actually gave me the files so i could print my own as well but none of the Novel print sites in America will let you print it…he was able to do it in Italy though.