Official New KI comic series


Ironically that’s exactly what I envisioned for Omen if he were to ever to gain a real body, either way it’s badass.


It’s really cool to see how Ian has taken our core story and characters and brought it to life. All the artists have been great to work with, too.

I can’t wait to see the discussions once the entire series is out. =)



I was so hype after Gargos revealed himself in final panel. Gargos with four arms, Baraka blade and spirit guardians? THIS IS AWESOME! I’m very interested to know what kind of gameplay for Reborn Gargos in new KI game. I’m looking forward to read next KI chapter comic. :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen the design yet but I do hope it makes it in the game


Will Aganos return? I’m starting to think Kan-Ra won’t revive him again for some reason.


Better questions are the comics canon and the next game will have to abide by it? Cuz mkx vs the comic was terrible some many things didn’t match up.


Yeah, it’s canon.


I thought her dad was in the sword.


@StarElite023 Hi. When will next chapter coming out?


M-M-M-MARCH 28th! :persevere: (I want it nooooow!)

I gave you the answer you were looking for, so if you could do me a little favor… How do you hide text & images with invisible spoiler code? I want to talk about the last issue, but I don’t see the option, and I would really appreciate it, thanks! :grin:



You can hide text if you type “[spoiler] any text [/ spoiler]”.


I hope you find it helpful!


Dang that is a long time to wait.


@KevBones10 Aaaah! Thanks so much for that! :sunglasses::+1:t2: Time to talk issue #5

Dude, I’m 200% with you about Aganos, but I sincerely believe that Aganos giving up his rocky form is a set-up for what’s coming up in Issue #6 and beyond, and into the actual game. I believe that via the Eye of Ancients being deposited in a tree of some kind or another, we will get a literal ENT Aganos in the game! I’m calling it now- Kan-Ra chucks Aganos’ gem into the forest, and the magical stone containing his astral soul will cause the tree to magically form his new body. (I hope that it somehow incorporates his old stony tri-face plate!) I’d LOVE ENT Aganos! He’ll beat four-armed Gargos into the dirt by dropping an ENTire forest on him, just you watch!


Also, @StarElite023 I could’ve sworn that I checked the date for issue #6 last week, and it was the 14th, but it looks like it was pushed back a little. Ah, well- It IS the big end to this volume, and I’m pretty hyped to see what’s next!



Man, Dynamite’s page said Publication Date 2/28 so I just swung by my local shop to see if they had it or if I could order it, now I’m so bummmmmed XD
I didn’t think #5 was all that great but now I really wanna know what the conclusion is. 1 through 4 were so great


Will the KI Comic series bring out new characters for us to hope and see in future games?


Well if there is going to be another game we do have
The Tsar, Wendigos, and hopefully Gargos reborn (if he doesn’t die in the next issue that is)
To look forward to.


He probably will not make it but here’s hoping.


What I hope for in…

  • Tsar: Dracula-vibes + Legacy of Kain + Victor from Underworld
  • Wendigoes: Anyone to feel like Baraka


Well, the new comics have expanded the KI universe a bit; even if we knew about The Tsar, we’ve finally seen him in person, and had a taste of how strong he is. Neat! Also, @REYNOSOFUA11- I’m not sure if you mean that The Tsar will survive the comic, or appear in the game, but I believe that since ARIA has ensured that he remains alive, that the “leader” of The Coven will stay alive- even if he IS a puppet now!

Also, they’ve been revealed in the novella, but it was ultra-cool to see rampaging wendigoes show up in the comic. I’d love to see an “Alpha Wendigo” in the game, which would fit the role of the highest ranking wendigo in The Coven, in a similar way that the highest ranking members of the various alien races represented themselves within the Covenant, (Halo reference!), without actually leading the Covenant themselves. The designs of the wendigoes in the comic have been really great so far, and if they went with something like that in the game, I’d be happy!

Also… Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read issue #5!

As far as your question about whether or not the comics will pave the way as a tie-in for new fighters to make their way into the game, you might’ve seen my theory about ENT Aganos (I WANT IT!) above, and if you’ve seen the final page of this issue, you’d see a mutated, four-armed Gargos as well! Perhaps this Gargos variant will continue his campaign to claim the Earth…



Oh I meant the big bad terror, (spoiler tag wasn’t working for some reason) as far as the Tsar or Aria I can pretty much guarantee that they’ll survive, would love to see that Aganos idea.