Official New KI comic series


Not everyone has know. Oh well. :sunglasses:


Heads up guys, issue #4 is coming wednesday next week.


What animal do you think is in Hisako’s sword?


Annnnd it got delayed until the 17th. :disappointed_relieved::cry:


It’s just as well. They probably need more time to put some finishing touches on them


Darn it!


I’m not sure actually. Could be a fox.


Tomorrow is the release of the next issue. Let’s see what happens next


It’s out now and I gotta say this issue is great for Kan-ra and Aganos mains, those original golems looked badass.


I am getting the physical edition of each issue and I’m loving them. The only drawback is that, to ship them to spain I must pay almost 20$ in shipping fees per issue.

Oh well, I regret nothing.


Yeah… they also are dope… to bad only six of them


I got #1 for Christmas, but Im having trouble finding 2,3,4 and 5 on Amazon in different covers.


Try Kindle. It might help


Yeah those are easy to find. But I dont want a Kindle or Iphone version. I want the real deal! I want all 4 covers per issue. Especially the ones you can color in yourself or draw your own cover. THose will be worth a ton of money one day.


When will KI #5 comic coming out?


Wednesday, Feb. 14th. That’s next week.

Don’t get excited just yet, it could get delayed.


Ain’t that the truth.


Issue #4 was probably my favorite for Kan-Ra’s brilliant writing and how Aganos was handled. It’s all great stuff, and I’m looking forward to grabbing issue #5 of Killer Instinct this week to continue this fun story. You stomp those filthy vampires, ARIA! :robot::skull_and_crossbones: :bat:



New chapter is out digitally and it’s a good one.


Wow that Gargos design is awesome and scary!