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Anyone digging Cinders design this issue? I like it more then his current on.


New design? A pic, if you please?


It’s not a new design, it’s just a different stylistic approach. A different artist tackled this issue; usually Cam Adams does the art, but for issue #3 Ediano Silva handled it. He draws humans extremely well–anatomy and facial expressions are on point-- but is not as faithful to the in-game designs as Adams was. This is most easily noticed with Cinder; he basically just looks like a naked dude on fire in boots, with none of the alien weirdness going on with his anatomy. It’s particularly evident in his face, hands, and hips.

I prefer Cinder’s in-game design and thus Adam’s more faithful approach to him better, but Silva’s definitely has its charm. If anything, it’s fascinating to see the differences in how the artists tackle the characters!


I love the bare hands

I love the face

I like the boots


Huh I had no idea, I thought Cinder changed his wardrobe after last issue. Hahaha

P.S. I like Cinders design in game too. But man I really love the way the artist portrayed his design in this issue. I need think it’s great.


The contrast with the orange and black is really cool.


I’m glad you asked, @CloudSkywalker8 and I’ve got more than enough tinfoil for my theory to go around, but be warned- I’ll be taking apart a few things from the comics that are kinda spoilerly if you haven’t read the first two issues!

Let’s start from this interesting blurb from Dynamite Comics’ online blurb about the first issue:

“The Shadow Lord Gargos has been defeated! But the battle to save humankind from his Astral invasion has taken a terrible toll on the Earth. Our world lies in ruin, and a sinister new power called the Coven has risen from the ashes, vying with the megacorporation Ultratech to rule the shattered nations. The heroes Kim Wu and Jago-their Astral powers weakened by their devastating war against Gargos-must band together with the scattered remnants of the Night Guard to forge a pathway into the Astral Plane. Here, in the birthplace of The Shadow Lord and The Guardians, festers the secret malevolence that threatens to destroy them all…and enslave the world forever.

We’re being led towards whatever may be causing this disruption of the Astral powers with instances like Kim Wu losing the ability to communicate with her Dragon, and Kan-Ra becoming very concerned with… something.

Meanwhile in our world, one of the suggestions for an upcoming fighter in last year’s long-gone poll was a Lovecraftian creature, which would fit the bill as a horror that could seemingly cause all of the Astral disruptions that we’re seeing throughout the comic….

A Lovecraftian beast could easy pose as a rival of Gargos, and now that his bat-winged contender for “The one who will enslave the world forever” has bit the shadow dust, it’s time for this tentacled behemoth to rise up from its pocket dimension to fill the void that Gargos left by spreading madness and chaos with his horrible otherworldly, yet somehow nautical themed minions.

Not only would this be another window for Sharkman to appear as the Lovecraftian thing’s loyal, bloodthirsty minion, it’d be a killer way to delve into Spinal’s lore even further. Seriously, am I the only one who questioned Spinal’s magical, living squid-faced wooden shield?! Spinal’s signature defensive tool could easily be a cursed item from the Lovecraftian monster itself- Is the Lovecraftian freak imbued within the shield, absorbing enough shadow energy to enter our world with the aid of Spinal’s insane lust for violence? Will the evil relic take control of Spinal as one of the Lovecraftian’s pawns? #StayTuned

Either way, that’s my guess as to what the unknown “secret malevolence” is, but we’ve still got a few more comics to go before we see exactly what our heroes are dealing with. The first story arc of the comic might just be setting up something awesome to come to our favorite fighting game, and who knows if that mystery baddie (or if you believe my theory, the Lovecraftian horror!), the building threat of The Coven (it’s been so much fun watching everyone clamor over the idea of an Alpha Wendigo beast as a new fighter, and since the comic version is so beastly and savage, I’m totally up for it myself!), and other various new elements end up spilling over into the game as an epic intro to Season 4 before we know it?

TL:DR? Pretty much what @REYNOSOFUA11 said, but with an octopus for a head. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :octopus:



Oh good. Time to update the phrase to #SpinalDidNothingWrong. :laughing:


Perhaps I spoiled myself a bit too early but…he’s coming back.


I’ve read and own all 3 issues. First thing I’ll say (which is totally unrelated to this) is that it amazes me to see how many panels exist of Jago not having his tattoo then all of a sudden he has it. I counted more than one panel where this mistake exists.

But back on topic, judging by the preview covers on the website, Gargos might make a return in issue 6. My concern with your theory of it being a love-craftian threat is that the creatures mentioned by love-craft were said to exist/come from on another dimension. Which is very similar to the theme of “The Invasion Of Gargos.”


First off, I’m deducting -200 cool points for posting spoilers from 3 issues away… :expressionless:

Well, that’s what makes the Astral Plane such a fun story mechanic- you can pull monsters, freaks, and baddies from any number of pocket dimensions, far-flung galaxies, and alternate realities. Sure, my theory would has a few similar threads to the Gargos invasion, but there were so many oddball beings living in the Astral Plane, that it’d be a shame not to introduce us to more of this extraterrestrial area’s locals.

Besides, I see it as no different from having an Ultratech faction of fighters, or multiple threats from The Coven. I’d love nothing more than a Season 4 that EXPANDS the cast and lore of the KI universe, especially since the original cast is all here.

I mean, look through the unlockable files, and you’ll see a range of off-screen threats, including the genocidal alien tht led Glacius to a crash-course with Earth, The Coven’s Wendigo beasts, and even if he wasn’t mentioned in the story so far, I want Sharkman as fighter #30. :shark:



Is Tusk riding a Bobster right now?


I would assume so yes, while single handily swinging a sword that’s as big as a full grown person at a bunch of wendigos.


Nice job spoiling it.


Looks like Gargos will return…


Here is another #6 cover.


Spoil something that you can see publicly on the comic website itself?


go Kim!


Dragon, Tiger and Wolf spirits… If there were two more, we could have our own KI Power Rangers.