Official Killer Instinct World Cup Trailer

Did you guys see the new trailer put out by Ultra Arcade?

What do you all think? Anyone here planning on going?


The Killer Instinct World Cup official trailer: AWESOME! KING! EXTREME! MONSTER! BEASTLY! KILLER! GODLIKE! :sunglasses:

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Very, very cool. Especially that Fulgore multicharacter Ultra sequence at the end. Did MS help out with this or did they just capture footage from the game?

I would love to go, even though I have zero chance of qualifying let alone winning money. Seems like a cool event at a cool place and it should be a lot of fun. If only it wasn’t for $$, work, family and travel I would be there for sure…

  1. Sounds like the team that brought us the Advent Child version of One Winged Angel.
    I LIKE IT!

  2. Good luck to all.

That new logo is fantastic!

Even if you haven’t qualified or don’t think you can, there will be plenty of reasons to show up and have a great time with the community. Plan the trip!

That was my first thought too! I love it.

If schools not too busy round that time I’m definitely gonna try to go!

I’m pretty much qualified at this point. Am #14 and don’t see myself getting knocked down to #25 with the last 2 Kombo Klashes left (Japan and Online).

What I love the most is just from quailifying, you’re already in the $200 pay out. Every match you play to level up can be a few hundred dollars FT2 Money Match. Then it turns to a $1000 FT 3 then a few thousand dollars FT3 again in Grand Finals.