# of characters in Season 3?

I cannot wait for Season 3. Its a must purchase on day 1! Got to play S3 at KI World Kup and it was amazing!

I am a little worried about how big Season 3 is really going to be.

-With the number of stages at 3 (not a big deal really to me, the new lighting on everything makes it look like a new game)
-the fact that they are already teasing Tusk (they held onto Cinder until the end of S2)
-and how secretive everything is surrounding S3…

I’m just left wondering:

How many characters we are going to be getting in Season 3?

Still a must buy for me no matter what as this is my fav game and has been since it was released.

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Lets go nuts, 12 new characters, 30 in total!!!


I am thinking there will end up being the same amount as the first two seasons

12 is what im hoping for as well.


I’m only expecting the usual 8-9 and I’d be fine with it personally too.

We have Kim Wu, Tusk, Arbiter, Rash, and Gargos is hinted at.

I think with the three stages, it’s just shortcuts made to keep the game at the march release and sort of “challenge” SFV. It’s possible more stages will be added at the end of the season but if not, then I see something like alternates for already existing stages, like Devil’s Landing during the day, Aganos stage at night, similar to Tiger Lair/Shadow Tiger Lair

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Looks as though there will be nine; if the game launches in late March and lets say they reveal on the average one character a week, that’s three or four more at the most with what’s already revealed. Also…Adam Isgreen said in his interview they would release the remaining few (two/three) after the initial release in the coming months.

I would love to see more than nine characters released especially with only three stages being released unless the re-lighting / graphics update took up an extensive amount of their time.

I predict we will have six to seven characters at launch, I really wish it was going to more though.

I still say 5 characters at launch (9 total)



6 total characters + New Accessories = $20

No Ultra pack

4 at launch. 2 more down the line. I think we’re getting a smaller season this time around.

If I’m wrong and we get 8 characters, I’ll be very happy.

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Would also like to point out that Kim Wu says she will face Gargos in 6 months time.

I can imagine IG putting in 12 characters. This would make a lot of sence because, from making only three stages, they can use a lot more of their money to do other things in this season. So let’s pray that the character roster hits about thirty by the end of S3 :smile:


Good point, forgot about the Kim Wu comment - hmmm…
wonder what Adam Isgreen meant by remaining few.

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I expect the usual eight plus bonus. They said there won’t be any negative announcements anymore. So less than that seems unlikely because for a lot of guys here, including me, that would be a definite negative. Anyone who thinks it will be more than that is setting themselves up for disappointment because there’s absolutely no indication for that to happen. If it still does though, I will gladly eat my words.

I was thinking the exact same thing your 2nd point stated. Tusk is coming already? I really thought they were going to close the Season out with arguably the most anticipated character like they did with Cinder and Fulgore in the past two seasons.

Found this will browsing on youtube.
Its something thats been so called leaked but not sure if it is real like said in the video.

People are STILL falling for this (admittedly awesome) fan-made roster? SIGH


This seems so hard to call right now. I could see 8 or 9, but I could also see the guests going into a separate lineup and the total season 3 roster blowing out to more like 12 or 13.

Three stages was the bad news, Adam claims subsequent news will be good.

Did I state that I believed it…No SIGH ;p

I really hope they find an archer, vampire, and a Medusa character in Season 3. They would fit well.

Maybe a Vampire archer. I’d take that too.

8 total

4 at launch.which we have seen the 4

Then 2 new and 2 returning characters (Eyedol, Gargos, Mira and Vampire)

(Unless Mira is the vampire and the other is just something totally not thought of currently)