NRS might make a Horror Movie fighting game

Hopefully this means they will keep those kinda guest characters out of MK.

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The concept is really interesting to me, but I would end up taking the same spectator seat as with MK.

I just don’t enjoy the NRS style of combat after playing KI.


What would be great is if Ed got with Paoul from Terrodrome and helped license his game out via NRS! Terrordrome is in the works of releasing a real console game in the future but it wouldn’t have Horror Icons like its free version that’s out now.

I love that game… just wish my computer wouldn’t freeze up and I had a better controller compatible with it. Its really well done! Has new Fatalities patched in this year as well.

I would buy this so quick. I am a huge horror nut (especially for 70s/80s slasher films) so this would be a dream come true for me lol

Michael, Jason, and Leatherface :heart::two_hearts::revolving_hearts::heartbeat:

I’ve been speculating about this possibility ever since Freddy came out in the last MK game, and even moreso with Jason, Alien, Predator, and Leatherface in MKX.

I’d have to see how it plays before I decide anything, but I do like the idea.

On a side note, my brother and I watched Friday the 13th for the 1st time EVER last night. He watched it 1st, and then recommended it to me, so I fired up the DVR where it recorded and gave it a go. That movie’s been around forever, and I never knew anything about the ending. I’m genuinely shocked that NOBODY has spoiled that for me in the 31 years I’ve been alive. Speaking of being shocked, my brother pulled 1 of the best jump-scares of my entire life, because after the film, I left the den and upon entering the kitchen, my brother turned off the light - it happened so fast, and with a flash, that I reflexively jumped backwards and reached for the light-switch in the den (which sadly didn’t work). From the darkness, and through my own fear, the very next thing I heard was my brother’s laughter. He got me good. :slight_smile:

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It seems it’s already done with his previous guests.

Unless he brings in that thing from ‘mother’ movie and omg the exorcist girl

Modern horror movie icons… people always go for the old and bad B-movie horrors. Would be cool if they put in some of the new, better ones.

Considering NRS is owned by WB, it shouldn’t be hard to get the rights to a lot of horror icons. I just don’t know off the top of my head what WB owns for horror films.