NOW with GLacius,fulgore, JAGO changes who's goin to enjoy it?

THE answer is simple --------THUNDERS players--------

hello guyz I’m curious to understand what are goin to happen now with the matchups against thunders players,

why im asking that? because as you all know most of us used to pick one of these characters against that super OP S3 Thunder ( when others get damages nerfs he still get a shadow grab who hurt too much, in comparison with others of the cast ) now that we lost the one of the best part of every of the 3 characters how can we quickly finish with THUNDERS?

his shadow grab do too much damages, why not balancing it togheter when changing fulgore glacius and JAgo?

help me on this please. thunder got almost one of the best juggles damager in the games + flipout

isn’t too much???

HELPS ME PLEASE . @Infilament i need to understand and to see if the devs knew that they makes bad matchups now with these 3 characters agains that OP S3 thunder command grab.

Thunder’s command grab had a damage reduction at the start of season 3. There is no OP season 3 command grab.


jago galacius and fulgore has been balanced few times but not thunder.
And also i don’t like some of these 3 characters but, thinking about all works theses peoples did to get good cashout against some OP characters in the cast, i just feel sorry for these guyz. when others are enjoying DAMAGES AF( all the s3 cast btw: not nieuws, TJ, riptor,and hisako, but nobody care for it. whats wrong ???

Thunder got the damage nerf I just said about and also got his meterless invulnerable move removed. He’s been changed a few times in season 3.


Jago will still have an easier time dominating Thunder.

He has a COTE and his shadow allows for flip outs, his damage is superb and his DP can cross up. Still, despite all those things Jago, or at least a great Jago fundamentalist can capitalize on his tools to shut down Thunder fairly easily.

I just don’t see why Thunder is OP like you say, he’s good but I still don’t think he surpasses Jago, maybe Fulgore but Fulgores instinct will be nuts to keep Thunder at bay.

Honestly though, I think you’re overreacting considering that we haven’t even tried the patch yet.

Glacius is still good here. The 3.6 patch is nearly irrelevant and honestly linker shadow cold shoulder is almost too good making you want to save all your meter for damage after lockout. Now you have better reason to spend it on space control.

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Fulgore and jago nerfs, wooow, it is a great day in KI

Now we just need Aria to be nerfed too.

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total true.

What even is this topic…do you just hate Thunder or something? After 3.4 he’s not even that big of a problem anymore…

The only thing i have a issue with is that cross up DP…That $hit is hard to react to online lol. You literally have to be blocking the opposite direction before he gets there, sometimes its hard to even tell what angle (strength) he’s at or what side hes on…you ever time a back dash just right and get hit by the arms lol its the worse especially for the match lol

Thats why most multiple pro star online players are thunder mains

I could go on and on about how much I hate that move, but that’s really the only problem I have with him. And I play Kim and she completely destroys that move lol

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Im happy about jago nerfs, not because the character is op (he is not), its because playing on ranked matches in the killer tier gets boring really fast because of the jago army. 7/10 matches i get into are against jagos and they all play exactly the same way

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I do think Thunder is very dangerous and maybe a tad bit OP in the DP. juggle> stomp. DP. FLip. Shadow grab area.

the top 5 in the Ranked top 32 is dominated by Thunder players…Ita master, Chichula, and another guy I cant think of his name but he was 1st as of last night.

They know exactly how to DP stomp there way into decimated you in 30 seconds or less. Im just saying , its might coincidental that the top is full of Thunders.

Maybe there’s something to that. But that Thunder success doesn’t translate to offline tournaments. I wonder if it’s just small margins that are less reactable online.

I was thinking the same thing…but those 3 also do not attend offline tournaments. ITA master won his first offline a couple months ago at the Netherlands Kombo klash. He is from Europe.

Maybe if these guys attended more offline events consecutively the results might be different? Lately it has been the same cast of players at every event. Would be nice if all great players from around the world could attend…I think the results and character balance would look a lot different. I know that’s not possible, but …what if?

**** HoloGrams is the guy in first that wrecked me last night. I surprised him and took his first life bar and he just went Thunder ape shittt DP stomp craziness after that. LOL

lol that was my problem too when i played sadira, but has to deal with it. lol i cannot hate a characters if the players self got nice skills :sunglasses:. jago isn’t so easy to handle like much peoples would think( he’s well basic but got much skills in right hands) and i respect that so much. these jago players make really good work

his juggles dp’s hurts more than any other characters (execpt one that i really don’t like the amount of unjustified damages she got)

ASKING me why lol , cause i remember when @lCharlieboy has a s2 orchid it was a 50/50 against itamaster and most of the time charly beats this OP master free damages thunder with orchid , but since s3 its so difficult cause everyonne get nerfed AF but thunder has still hard tools for damages.
and peoples are force to leave the mains for playing matchup OMG!

I agree thunder is a beast. In high level play he is near unbeatable. Id like to see these Thunder players go up against Nicky, Thompson, Sleep and co at an offline event. that would be the only way to truly measure how dangerous he really is.

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