Now that we've had the KI figures for awhile

Has anyone else been noticing any issues with your KI figures now that you’ve had them for a few months. I can sadly say I have had problems with Hisako and Fulgore…both of them have had issues with their soft plastic legs.

Fulgore: between his feet and his knee joints he has fallen forwards, backwards, his feet have bent over…right now I have him supported with a small doll stand I have for other similarly sized toys. Also, I think one of his feet broke loose a bit…it hasn’t done much to help or hurt, but still…

Hisako: similar issue: she started leaning forward, and since I had her default naginata kinda wedged into her stand so it would stay held up, when she bent over it bowed the naginata as well. She is now propped up with a doll stand as well.

The others I haven’t had any problems with the other 3, but still, I was hoping for less issues with these guys.

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Yep. Literally exact same issue with those exact same figures…

Yes my Sabrewulf is top heavy and leaned so far forward his mouth near touched the ground. I have his claw grabbing a speaker so it hold him up and doesnt allow gravity to pull him forward.

Fulgore is a little weak in the knee joints…he will fall sometimes.

No issues out of the others though.

Yep, my Fulgore came with a loose leg that actually pops right out sometimes when trying to get him to stand on his platform.

Shouldn’t the customer service exchange those for you?

I’ll be highly upset if the orchid figure I order comes with a cracked firecat or leans oddly.

Good to know this early.

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Possibly, but it’s been awhile since I got them…literaly right when they came available. I didn’t know if that would had enough time lapsed to do anything about it…not to mention these issues wouldn’t be fixed by simply having the figures replaced…not unless they have switched over to a more rigid plastic since the first batch.

Only issue I’ve had with my Jago figure is his legs are slightly inward. Meaning without his stand, he’ll wobble on flat surfaces. That and his left eye is slightly looking downward, giving him a weird cross-eyed look.

But if any other issues arise, I’d be happy to address it.

My ones seem to be doing OK. I just need to know when the others are coming.

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The Sabrewulf is the only one Im truly disappointed with. He is basically kissing he ground he has leaned so far forward.

Shago is the only one of mine that hasn’t shown any issues, but considering Shago was one of the limited edition ones (not that that means anything anymore other than he was more expensive) I’m glad he’s been ok, because that would have made me even more disappointed.