Now that she's out

Any thoughts on her? Meterless she’s a demon, does real damage. She seems like the combination of tusk and Kim wu. Anyone agree?

My experience fighting against her at a fairly low level can be summed up as:

“Oh crap, she just took 60% of my life… oh wait, she did 50% to herself too and is in the danger zone.”

She looks hard as hell to play, and I’m guessing she’s going to be source of much self-loathing from seemingly amazing comebacks from her opponents due to her self-harm mechanic.

It may be meterless, but it also makes her lifeless. :wink:

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One of the cooler parts of Mira is how dangerous she is on a pixel, I think. If she goes all in near the end of her life bar, she doesn’t care at all about damage she is doing to herself.

Also, because she really does kill herself down to 1 HP, chip against her will be really good. KI has notoriously low chip damage, but it won’t matter against Mira because if it does any chip at all, it will be enough in these situations.

High-risk High-reward seems like an appropiate way to describe her.

I’ve already killed 1 Mira because of chip. :slight_smile:

She is the definition of a double edged sword lol but I am determined to git gud with her so I will stick it out for a while lol

Have y’all noticed how small she is? Maya looks f**n huge next to her lol

I love her design and i would take less damage for less life steal or opportunity to gain of something like shadow bat endee only has a ender tho? Must have 4 pips to get it

Not sure but im sure will see something like this
Or maybe auctual damage from embrace nothing major

I like how she plays but may result into to much effort on my part or it may be what i need to advanced my maya is good as i need it to be

she is fun and dangerous as hell, but the true challenge is life retrieval… remembering that you need to strategically recover also… I go off on the offensive as it is soo much fun, but then one wrong move and i’m dead because I mismanage my health


Yeah it seems as if right now everyone is just going ham, and she doesn’t actually strike me as the type of character that can truly afford to do that. I think she’s got to be much more measured in her approach.

Speaking as Wulf, if I had to give up some life every time I decided to do the, I’d use it a lot more sparingly, and yet I’m seeing Mira mistform, airdash, mediums, and heavies like they are free. Many Mira are going to have to go back and reemphasize her footsies. Just because she’s got a high/low option in the form of her special doesn’t mean she should use it everytime (like many are) or because homing bats are clearly better than light.bats, or because she has incredible mobility if she pays for it, etc.

And the moment I get put into a combo, I’ve noticed that most aren’t even gaining health at all and are going for max damage (both to me and themselves). The one Mira I’ve played so far that I thought “damn, this guy is good” spent a pretty fair amount of time trying to recover from the self-harm. Just because you can do 60% doesn’t mean you always should.