Now does the purple/green season 3 theme make sense?

I’ve seen a lot of negativity towards the color choices for season 3 here and there but now after seeing Gargos you can clearly see the inspiration right? He oozes green smoke and he’s the lord of purple shadow things.


Epic minions would make an even more epic Gargos. Goofy looking minions, not so sure. I really dig him, though. Finally a real boss character.

Meh. Doesn’t seem major enough to justify the scheme besides looks. I don’t get it because Gargos doesn’t have the green. He has the purple. Not enough Green. Unless…-dies-

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I thought Izzick looked ok. I will admit Dretch is a bit goofy though…

When I first saw them, I just thought “Pain and Panic, reporting for duty?”

We haven’t seen the story mode in Shadow Lords yet.