Nothing Major

After The Stream Yesterday, Someone Started A Petition, Wanting IG To Release Killer Instinct For PS4. :joy::joy::joy: Nothing Major About This Post…I Just Thought That Was Funny.

You’d Think PS4 Owners Would Be Content With SFV.

On the contrary its great idea. but am pretty sure everything in the world will work against that happening,

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Yeah, considering MS owns Killer Instinct, and only contracts IG to work on the property, I’d say MS isn’t about to start producing first party titles for it’s biggest competitor. Also considering every Japanese fighting game is just about going PS4 exclusive, it’s more important we have this one.

Street Fighter 5, Guilty Gear, and I keep seeing news stories about fighters going PS4 exclusive every now and then on EventHubs.

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That ain’t gonna happen. If they don’t want an xbox obe they can always get it for PC.


PC…there is your answer :smile:

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i saw ps4 owners calling sfv boring at youtube!! Check out shago trailer comments.

I don’t see that happening at all. and unless cross-play is involved I think it’s a wasted effort. sadly…

Most people would be absolutely against the idea because of bad experiences with some fanboys of the PS4 makin fun of the game and the system to begin with.

Thankfully with PC coming any who own a PS4 but also own a PC can play on it. So it’s not like they’ll really be missing out if they get it.

It won’t happen, because MS owns the property. But you can’t blame them for wanting the game. It just shows that KI has broad appeal.

Certainly plenty of xbox owners want SFV or other PS4 exclusives.

Hey… maybe the folks who said they were dropping KI for SF5 and buying a PS4 can just trade their Xbones to PS4 owners defecting to KI due to Shago lust! Sounds like a win/win, minus a slight difference in equity.